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‘Pro-choice’ Catholics risk excommunication

Fr. Alphonse de Valk, CSB, editor of the Toronto-based Catholic Insight magazine, arranged a press conference for Oct. 5, 1998, to explain that recent changes to Roman Catholic church law now make it absolutely clear where the dividing line is that separates faithful Catholics from heretics. The Vatican's June 30 letter, Ad tuendam fidem (In Defence of the Faith), introduces changes to Canon [...]

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Ontario Liberal leader promises ‘gay rights’

The leader of the Ontario Liberal Party is promising to extend full and equal rights to homosexual partners in every area of law except marriage. Dalton McGuinty said if he is elected premier, his government would pass legislation to extend full benefits, pension, spousal leave and adoption rights to same-sex couples. He stopped short of endorsing homosexual marriage, however, because it falls [...]

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Police follow lead on murder of abortionist

Pro-life movement condemns attack on Slepian Police in Canada and the U.S. are on the trail of James Charles Kopp, said to be a material witness - but not a suspect - in the slaying of Buffalo ob-gyn Barnett Slepian. Slepian was shot in the back through his kitchen window, by a sniper hiding in the bushes outside, on Oct. 23. Slepian [...]

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Ontario bubble zone prisoners await trial

By Three pro-life defendants - Linda Gibbons, Anneliese Steden, and Rev. Ken Campbell - are awaiting trial for breaking the Ontario government's "bubble-zone" injunction. Ms Gibbons and Mrs. Steden appeared in court Oct. 5 on charges of "obstructing a peace officer," relating to the two grandmothers' peaceful protest within 60 feet of Toronto's Scott abortuary Sept. 9. Rev. Campbell was handled separately. [...]

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Grandmother sacrifices freedom for the unborn

Magdalene, 6, Xavier, 4, and Charlotte, 2, know their Oma's in jail. Why? "Oma's saving babies." Their Oma, or grandmother, is Anneliese Steden, 61, of Cambridge, Ont. Instead of playing with her grandchildren, Anneliese is locked up in Toronto's Metro West Detention Centre. She even turned down bail conditions that would have allowed her the freedom to hug her family. "My wife, [...]

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On violence against abortionists

Immediately on hearing of the brutal murder of Buffalo abortionist Barnett Slepian, pro-life groups across Canada and the U.S. did what they've done in response to similar crimes in the past: they condemned the shooting, sincerely, firmly, and unequivocally. On the one hand, it seems strange that pro-life groups should have to issue such extraordinary statements. Any well-informed and fair-minded person would [...]

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