International Round-up

China rethinks one-child policy Abortionists meet in Australia Pro-lifers rally in Africa British abortionist has grisly history from B.C.China rethinks one-child policy BEIJING - The Chinese government, faced with demographic imbalance, an aging population, youth suicides and instances of wife selling, is rethinking its policy of one-child families. A new law on birth control, to be passed within the next three years, [...]

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A Compendium of life and family-related news from south of the border

Congress investigates fetal parts sales More young people standing up for life California abortionist's licence suspended Fox network forbids Drudge showing prebornInvestigation of fetal parts sales The House of Representatives has passed a measure urging its members to investigate whether private companies are violating federal law by profiting from the sale of fetal parts used in medical research. Congress had lifted a [...]

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Across Canada

Alberta pro-life doctors warned B.C. public money to pro-aborts Sask. Lawsuit filed against Fully Alive sex-ed CFAC jumps to Stockwell Day's defence B.C. late abortions investigated Toronto murder charge against nurse dismissedPro-life doctors warned CALGARY - Canadian Physicians for Life is calling on the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta to verify its allegations that women are being "bullied" by pro-life [...]

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You were asking?

Question: Why do your pro-life groups refuse to compromise and allow some abortions, e.g. of seriously handicapped babies? You would save some lives. One Oxford dictionary definition of the word compromise is, "to modify one's principles." The pro-life principle is that to abort a baby - conceived but not yet born - is to kill a child. The pre-born child's life belongs [...]

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Suicide 101!

Here we go again. Honestly, sometimes you just have to laugh at the purveyors of death. I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried. To the delight of any columnist, the merry band of right-to-die folks continue their comic antics at inventing the "holy grail" of suicide machines. In the month of November an exciting top-secret right-to-die conference took place [...]

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Pro-family victory in B.C. school board vote

From LifeSite News Parents and citizens in Surrey, British Columbia have resoundingly supported their pro-family slate of Surrey School Board members. During a municipal election Saturday, voters continued support for the current school board members, who faced severe criticism from homosexualist advocates for banning three books designed specifically to indoctrinate children with the notion that homosexual households are morally equivalent to normal [...]

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God Overrules bubble-zones, B.C. lawyer says

Constitutional challenge to be launched Jan. 4 A Vancouver lawyer is mounting a novel challenge to British Columbia's bubble-zone law that invokes, among other things, the supremacy of God and the issue of federal-provincial jurisdiction. Pro-life activist Donald Spratt was arrested Dec. 17, 1998 for carrying a large cross outside an abortuary with a sign that read "Thou shall not kill." His [...]

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Rebecca Davies tells her story

The woman at the centre of a dramatic forced abortion lawsuit sits down with the Interim Editor's note: In mid-November, the Hamilton Spectator reported that Rebecca Davies is suing the Ontario government, alleging abuse - including a forced abortion - while she was a ward of the state at a provincial training school 20 years ago. Interim contributor Deborah James-Josipovic interviewed Rebecca [...]

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Successor to Alliance for Life Canada in the works

PRO-LIFE EDUCATION LEADERS LOOK FORWARD TO BUILDING UNITY WITH OTHER PARTS OF THE MOVEMENT "I think it's pretty exciting," says Carroll Rees, a member of the steering committee mandated to propose a new umbrella group for pro-life education groups across the country. "We're fortunate to be given a new opportunity to review what we're doing, to review our structures and start again." [...]

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New Senate bill would open door to euthanasia

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Ontario has grave concerns about Senator Sharon Carstairs Bill S-2, the Medical Decisions Facilitation Act. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Ontario (EPCO) has been formed in order to prepare a well-informed, broadly-based network supporting measures that will create an effective social barrier to euthanasia and assisted suicide. One of our goals is to preserve and enforce legal prohibitions [...]

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Ottawa planning sweeping gay rights bill

Political developments indicate that the federal government has finally decided to surrender to the homosexual advocacy agenda of the Supreme Court by implementing sweeping reforms to Canadian law so as to grant marital benefits to same-sex couples across the board. Instead of implementing changes on a piecemeal basis, they are expected to introduced an omnibus bill during their current term in office. [...]

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Pro-lifers launch boycott of ‘morning-after pill’ firm

Newly-approved abortifacient to be dispensed without risk assessment, possibly over the counter The controversial early abortion drug Preven, a so-called "emergency contraceptive," was put on the Canadian market Sept. 17. Furthermore, plans are underway to have the drugs available over the counter in short order. Sales representatives from Roberts Pharmaceuticals, the Oakville, Ont. agency which has exclusive Canadian marketing rights to Preven [...]

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CANADA'S CENTURY Marshall McLuhan once observed that television is teaching all the time. Mother Angelica, nature programmes, performances by famous artists exemplify excellent programmes which achieve the classical goal of art, which is to teach and to delight. Unfortunately, not all television programmes achieve that goal entirely. Teaching effects change for better or worse. That our society has changed since the advent [...]

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High up, on the roof of the Inns of Court, in the legal heart of England, there are three statues symbolizing the principles of English common law. The first statue is of King Alfred the Great (871-890), who codified the first legal system in England, a code based on Scripture. Many constitutional experts, including Blackstone, regard Alfred as the "Father of English [...]

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Good News!

How many of you have become frustrated because all your work to influence Canadian governments to apply civilized morality in their legislative work seems to fall on deaf ears? I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes. I'm supposed to encourage you to keep up the good fight because our work ultimately will not be in vain. But [...]

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