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Government daycare: money can’t buy me love

In late July, a discussion paper was leaked from Health Canada. Its subject: plans for huge increases in childcare spending, and the development of a national daycare program. Perhaps people like the minister of health are too old to realize that, in the minds of children, a lot of things are more important than money - even a lot of money. Money [...]

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A bright media flame dies early at age of 37

One of the bright lights on an often-bleak Canadian media landscape has died early, at the age of 37. Jerry Jonkheer passed away May 10 after a six-month battle with a blood disorder. A member of the Willowdale Christian Reformed Church in Toronto, Jonkheer served as the creator, producer and host of The Eh JJ Show, a Christian entertainment and variety program that [...]

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Young pro-lifers walk and witness across U.S.

Anyone born after the 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision is a survivor of the abortion holocaust, says a group of some 30 young adults who have sacrificed their summer to walk over 5,500 kilometres in recognition of the sanctity of life. When Pope John Paul II called on America's youth to stand up and defend life, at World Youth Day in Denver [...]

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Christians need clarity on ‘equal rights’ for gays

I would like to express my appreciation to Jean Hedley for caring enough to write a letter to the editor on M vs H, the Supreme Court decision granting "spousal" status to homosexual couples (Interim, August 1999). She is correct in stating that justice and democracy is not well served when unelected judges change the law to allow same-sex marriages and adoption. [...]

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Canadian MD helping Third-World mothers

Will speak at National Pro-Life Conference about preventing maternal deaths "The risk of a mother dying as a direct cause of pregnancy and labour in Africa is one in 13." That is just one of the reasons that Dr. R.L. (Rob) Walley, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Memorial University in Newfoundland, founded Mater Care, an organization dedicated to providing health care [...]

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Law to thwart euthanasia

Representatives Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) and Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) introduced the Pain Relief Promotion Act 1999 (H.R. 2260) on June 17 as a response to the use of lethal drugs for the purposes of assisted suicide and euthanasia, as is legally taking place in the state of Oregon. An identical bill was introduced in the Senate by Senators Don Nickles (R-Okla.) and Joe [...]

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Judge asked to screen jury for anti-gay bias

Canada's jury system may well be on it's way out - or at least it might as well be, say critics in response to a defence lawyer's recent request to have potential jurors in an upcoming case questioned for anti-lesbian bias. The lawyer is representing two lesbian women charged in the killing of a police officer in the Toronto area last year. [...]

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Police yawn as another pro-lifer is assaulted Crown drops charge laid for earlier incident

On the heels of an alleged assault against Toronto pro-life demonstrator Bill Whatcott, another pro-life activist says he has been physically attacked - not just once, but three times by two different individuals. And, as in Whatcott's case, police seem to be dragging their feet in investigating the incidents. Robert Hinchey, a counsellor with the Aid to Women crisis pregnancy centre on [...]

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UA open to social conversatives, observers say

Memo targeting certain Reform Mps is not an attempt to purge the movement of pro-lifers A well-publicized memo by a top-level Reform Party strategist has some worried that the United Alternative is trying to push out moral conservatives. Rick Anderson, campaign director for the Reform Party of Canada, wrote a memo identifying 20 Reform MPs whom the party should be ready to [...]

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Lord’s Prayer in school violates ‘human rights’

A cartoon in the July 30 edition of the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix depicts a classroom of multi-cultural students. On the blackboard is written: "Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is not in Saskatoon." In response to complaints from some parents that their children were forced to endure the "whims" [...]

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B.C. court rejects basic pro-life argument

On Aug. 3, Justice Hood of the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled that pro-life activist Jim Demers was guilty of violating that province's "bubble-zone" law. Demers was appealing a lower court decision, arguing that the bubble-zone law, formally the Access to Abortion Services Act (1996), is unconstitutional. Demers argued that unborn children have rights under Section 7 of the Canadian Charter [...]

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Ottawa floats massive daycare trial balloon

The federal Liberal government generated a political firestorm at the end of July by resurrecting a 1993 campaign promise of universal daycare, along with other childcare proposals that require the state to expand its role in childrearing. The health department report went beyond simple recommendations, antagonizing parents by suggesting that they aren't competent. "It is increasingly unrealistic to expect that parents can [...]

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Nova Scotia spared NDP government

Pro-lifers, however, have little reason to celebrate Tory victory The summer Nova Scotia election gave pro-life, pro-family voters little to cheer about, other than that the solidly pro-abortion, pro-homosexualist NDP did not win, and in fact lost seven seats and barely held on to their official opposition status (subject to several recounts). Naturally, the media leftists were disappointed, but declared this mediocre [...]

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Dutch to formally legalize euthanasia

Plans to legalize euthanasia under "strict" guidelines are expected to gain approval next year in the Netherlands, making it the first country in the world to formally legalize euthanasia. "Mercy killing" has been taking place without prosecution in Holland with greater and greater frequency over the past 25 years. A series of court decisions starting in 1973 resulted in the establishment of [...]

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Global warming: more fiction than fact

A massive slab of ice the size of the Yukon Territory breaks off of the Antarctic continent and melts, raising the sea level and flooding coastal cities around the world. A four-month-long heat wave strikes the Canadian wheat belt, desiccates the soil, sets crop yields to zero, and sends the global economy into chaos. The Saharan desert takes over two-thirds of Africa, [...]

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