UNESCO flaunts biomedical guidelines

UNESCO's ideology of humanity has been described as a dialectic between freedom of research and respect for the rights of persons on whom the research is conducted. The dialectic is joined to protection against discrimination based on genetic characteristics. The ideology, as described, fails to reach a true understanding of the nature of man as the subject of proposed research. In spite [...]

2010-07-20T09:35:06-04:00September 20, 2001|Politics|

Hiding the truth

Farmers know full well that the operation known as castration is performed for good reasons. But why some bureaucracies choose to act as if they've had such operations performed upon them is beyond me. In Alberta, an Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has been set up. Its main task seems to be to issue orders that are not worth the [...]

2010-07-20T09:34:17-04:00September 20, 2001|Society & Culture|

Knights uphold the sanctity of life

Because I spent the month of August in Ireland, I missed the 119th annual meeting of the Knights of Columbus, which was held in Toronto, August 7-9. But I have just been reading a report of what took place at the meeting and it has given me great encouragement. The reason for this is that I believe it was the most positive [...]

2010-07-20T09:29:42-04:00September 20, 2001|Religion|

Happy birthday, David Mainse

One of the best people I know turned 65 years old recently and was given an enormous party at his workplace. Not only did friends and family celebrate the event, but also the fact that this man had recently undergone major heart bypass surgery. He was back at work, looking as fit as ever. His name is David Mainse, founder of the [...]

2010-07-20T09:29:01-04:00September 20, 2001|Michael Coren|

Can pro-lifers get a fair shake?

All newspapers have a "slant." It doesn't necessarily mean they get the facts wrong - it's just how they choose to interpret or misinterpret those facts for their readers. The pro-life movement is the biggest victim of news blackouts and censorship. Who do you think would get front page coverage - 3,000 pro-lifers in the annual March For Life in Ottawa, or [...]

2010-07-20T09:26:55-04:00September 20, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

Stem cells and paid surrogacy

Pro-life Canadians could be forgiven for thinking that a combination between the Liberal Party and the Communist Party of Canada had recently co-opted the Canadian Alliance. First, on August 28, the Globe and Mail reported that Alliance MP Keith Martin was advocating for-profit surrogacy. Three days later, former Alliance leader Preston Manning was quoted in the National Post supporting experimentation on human [...]

2010-07-20T09:26:05-04:00September 20, 2001|Bioethics|

Activist Eunice Morgan loved life, family and the Church

Ontario pro-lifers are mourning the death of Eunice Morgan, whom friends and family say put the word "active" in activist. A long-time supporter of both Campaign Life Coalition and Toronto Right to Life, Morgan was famous for her monthly meetings on issues affecting life, family and faith, held the first Thursday of each month. Rachel Di Fonzo told The Interim her mother [...]

2010-07-20T09:24:29-04:00September 20, 2001|Profiles|

God is not dead, but Friedrich Nietzsche is

It was 1870 and the Franco-Prussian War had just begun. A 25-year-old philologist, on his way to the front, observed a cavalry battalion exhibiting impressive clatter and pomp as it passed through the town of Frankfort. Taken by the spectacle, the young scholar had a vision, out of which was to grow his entire philosophy: "I felt for the first time that [...]

2010-07-20T09:22:45-04:00September 20, 2001|Donald DeMarco, Religion|

Uniting Tories and the Canadian Alliance

What is needed today is radical insight into contemporary Canadian reality, in order to clarify exactly how precarious the situation is for 'small-c conservatives,' as well as for left-wing dissidents, from current-day, out-of-control technology and capitalism. The context today is of a Canada ever closer to becoming a post-democratic "one-party dictatorship" of the Liberals. One hopes the realization of the critical shape [...]

2010-07-20T09:20:36-04:00September 20, 2001|Politics|

A car is ‘integral’ to helping women

An automobile is vital to the work of Aid to Women, because it enables it to carry out the promises made to women considering abortion. Robert, an Aid to Women counsellor, told The Interim that many women choose not have an abortion when they realize there are people willing and able to help them. Aid to Women offers cribs and strollers and [...]

2010-07-20T09:15:49-04:00September 20, 2001|Crisis pregnancy centres|


Gate Entrance A family-sized van pulled over at the curb on a downtown street in Toronto. The driver leaned over asking where "the gate entrance" was to the abortuary. Robert, an Aid to Women counsellor, responded by asking if he needed help for the woman he had just dropped off. Within hearing distance of the couple, Robert said to the woman, "We [...]

2010-07-20T09:09:21-04:00September 20, 2001|Abortion|

Parents the key to accountability

Government control not necessary to ensure good schools Independent schools are now part of the educational landscape. The Equity in Education Tax Credit provides a tax credit against tuition paid for parents who send their children to one of the approximately 730 independent schools in the province. This tax credit legislation does two very important things for Ontario: First it establishes the [...]

2010-07-20T09:03:02-04:00September 20, 2001|Society & Culture|

Document helps parents assert authority

Hamilton pro-family group helps parents know their rights The recent lobbying by the Ontario public teachers union to introduce homosexuality-oriented books into schools has prompted heightened parent interest in a Declaration of Family Rights document that seeks to protect children from negative moral influences at school. The Hamilton-Wentworth Family Action Council created the document in November 1999 mainly as a response to [...]

2010-07-20T08:41:50-04:00September 20, 2001|Marriage and Family|

The heart of homeschooling is love

September is the month of new beginnings for children across Canada who are going to public or private schools as well as the 100,000 students who, according to a recent issue of Time, will be staying home to school. The idea of educating children at home raises familiar questions such as, "Why would a person want to homeschool? What are the reasons [...]

2010-07-20T08:38:33-04:00September 20, 2001|Society & Culture|

The connection between ESCR and the Nazi doctors

What does the current debate over stem cells have to do with the concentration camps at places like Auschwitz and Dachau? More than you might think. When Allied troops liberated the few remaining prisoners of the Nazi concentration camps, they made some horrific discoveries. Among the records that survived of the gassings, burnings and shootings of millions of 'undesirables,' were graphic descriptions [...]

2010-07-20T08:34:28-04:00September 20, 2001|Bioethics|
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