Humble origins have an eternal reality

"God so loved the world that He sent his only Son, that we might have life through Him" - The First Letter of St. John. There is a story, really a parable, about a very rich man who had a little daughter of six or seven, whom he loved with all his heart. When Christmas came around, he wanted to really let [...]

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Harris’s big bash

Premier Mike Harris was on the phone! As soon as I saw that it was Mike, I regretted taking on the job of chief fundraiser and ticket seller for the Mike Harris Victory Retirement Dinner and Silent Auction at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It had all the earmarks of a disaster - a real disaster. "Frank, how's the dinner coming [...]

2010-07-21T12:14:29-04:00December 21, 2001|Frank Kennedy|

Media unfairly target religion as cause of terror

I wasn't sure whether to write this one or not. Sometimes it's best to simply leave a subject alone, wait for the fog of ignorance to evaporate. But there just has to be comment this time. The issue is that of religion, and the attacks on it in the media since the tragedy of Sept. 11. The thesis is that all religions [...]

2010-07-21T12:12:31-04:00December 21, 2001|Michael Coren, Religion|

The abortionist’s proclivity for crime

As the change in seasons becomes more distinct, it's time to look around and ponder the events that continue to shape the battle for life in North America. I remember full well the timely and fascinating look into the mind of an abortionist in an article entitled, "The Terminator." The piece was about well-known and outspoken abortionist Brian Finkel, the chief abortionist [...]

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Post-Quiet Revolution intellectuals

Since 1960, liberals have completely dominated the political, intellectual and social landscape in Quebec. There is hardly a single consistently conservative voice in Quebec today. Before 1960, the conservative movement in Quebec, denounced as "clérico-nationaliste" (priest-ridden and nationalist) by the late Pierre Trudeau, was nationalist and Catholic and included important intellectuals like historian Robert Rumilly and Father Lionel Groulx. Maurice Duplessis had [...]

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Father Tony Kelly, R.I.P.

Tributes are being expressed throughout the pro-life community for Father Tony Kelly, a Basilian priest and dedicated supporter of the pro-life cause. Fr. Kelly died peacefully of heart failure on Sept. 29 at Providence Centre in Toronto, following back surgery that left him without the use of his arms and legs. He had fallen into a coma during the last week of [...]

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Social justice focus at conference

Speakers highlight centrality of family in a healthy and just society Building the Culture of Love: A Rediscovery of Catholic Social Justice was the theme of the Witness Conference 2001, held at De La Salle College in Toronto on Sept. 29.The conference theme of social justice "seemed very appropriate to us," said Hugh Ranalli, Witness's vice-chairman. "In a number of talks we [...]

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Prayers for pregnant women, children and babies

Collected with commentary "I only pray when I'm in trouble," said Isaac Bashevis Singer, "but I'm in trouble all the time so I pray all the time." The Nobel Prize winning author wisely recognized his own helplessness and God's greatness. American novelist Anne Lamott writes that the two best prayers she knows are, "Help me! Help me! Help me!" and "Thank you! [...]

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Pro-lifers share their Christmas memories

The Interim recognizes that our readers know the true meaning of Christmas and that we all cherish the time we spend with loved ones during this holy season. In that spirit, we asked several pro-life leaders to share with us their Christmas traditions and memories. Jakki Jeffs, executive director of Alliance for Life (Ontario), said that for her family, there was Advent [...]

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Hamilton board considering public Christian schools

LifeSite News The possibility that publicly funded alternative Christian schools will soon be a reality in Ontario is very real. People for Alternative Christian Education hopes to begin its project as early as next September within Hamilton-Wentworth school systems (public or separate). Offensive and anti-Christian teaching, and a forced expulsion of God from public education, have caused many Christian parents to resort [...]

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AIDS P.E.I. promotes politically correct understanding

AIDS P.E.I. is designing a program to teach adults in positions of authority how to be "sensitive and understanding" in dealing with gay and lesbian youth. Project co-ordinator Sue Rogerson says it is intended to change attitudes toward gay and lesbian youth, to "get beyond the point of just paying lip service to the idea. "Gay and lesbian teens often feel isolated [...]

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Manitoba Health wants abortion monopoly

Manitobans will be paying for more abortions as soon as the NDP government decides how. Warren Preece, press secretary to cabinet, says the health ministry is "mulling over" options provided to it by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority which suggested late last spring, three means by which all abortions performed in the province could be funded through medicare. The WRHA administers all [...]

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Popularity of abortifacients questioned

Leaders of a pilot study that allows Toronto-area women to receive so-called emergency contraceptive pills without prescription from pharmacies are claiming that the program is proving to be more popular than expected. But a co-ordinator for the Canadian branch of Pharmacists for Life International has doubts about that assertion. "The demand has been higher than anticipated," alleged Sheila Dunn, co-principal investigator for [...]

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Students exposed to graphic sex survey

A sex survey, deemed too graphic for students at various public school boards across Canada, has been accepted by at least eight Catholic school boards in Ontario alone. Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board voted 6-4 to allow participation in the national study entitled Canadian Youth, Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS Study. Regis O'Connor, Huron-Superior chair, defended the board's decision, saying, "We have not [...]

2010-07-21T11:34:00-04:00December 21, 2001|Sex Education|

Reich omitted love, personality from human nature

Karol Wojtyla had been bishop for two years when his Love and Responsibility was first published in 1960, the beginning of a licentious decade which marked the dramatic unfolding of the "sexual revolution." For Wojtyla, the central issue that this "revolution" posed was not freedom or repression, but "love or its negation." He stressed the counterrevolutionary theme of responsible love in the [...]

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