Winnipeg board maintains right to religious education

Interim Staff The Winnipeg School Division defeated a proposal to ask the province to change existing regulations that allow religious instruction in secular schools. Under Manitoba’s Public Schools Act, religious education is permitted if 25 parents from a school petition for religious instruction and activities. Only the children of the parents who signed the petition would then be able to participate. Board [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada The National Post had a major feature entitled “When two is too many” that examined so-called “selective reduction” in pregnancies involving twins. The phenomenon of reducing the number of children in utero through targeted abortion has been common-place for multiples but there has been very little mention of the phenomenon among women expecting twins … In an interview with the CBC’s [...]

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Saskatchewan marriage commissioners denied freedom of conscience

On Jan. 10, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal declared in the Marriage Act Reference that legislation proposed by the provincial government allowing individual marriage commissioners to refuse marrying homosexual couples if it violated their conscience is unconstitutional. The court rejected two proposed draft bills: one allowing commissioners to refuse to perform same-sex “marriages” and the other granting this exemption only to those [...]

2011-03-01T18:19:54-05:00February 28, 2011|Equal Rights, Human rights, Society & Culture|

Supreme Court rules against federal fertility law

By as split 4-4-1 advisory decision, the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a 2008 Quebec Court of Appeal decision that found some of the federal Assisted Human Reproduction Act intruded on province’s jurisdiction over health. Pro-life and faith groups condemned the decision because it gave provinces control of the creation, destruction and manipulation of human embryos. The Supreme Court upheld in part [...]

2011-03-01T18:18:16-05:00February 28, 2011|Bioethics, Marriage and Family|

OECTA openly supports EGALE

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association’s open support of homosexual clubs in Catholic schools has put them at odds with an explicit directive from the Ontario bishops. In December, LifeSiteNews reported that the union, which represents 45,000 teachers in Ontario, was partnering with EGALE, Canada’s most influential homosexual lobby group. EGALE was one of the leading advocates for same-sex “marriage” and is [...]

2011-03-01T18:15:35-05:00February 28, 2011|Religious Education|

Why six Halton trustees should resign

The six trustees have demonstrated that they are unfit to serve as Trustees of a Catholic School Board. They have the difficult position of having to “serve two masters” – the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Catholic Community in Halton, which includes both the Catholic people and the institutional Church. However, they do not seem to understand that even the Education [...]

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Q&A with Zuza Kurzawa

Interim reporter Pauline Kosalka interviewed Zuza Kurzawa, a Queen’s student arrested at Carleton University in October for participation in a GAP demonstration, by email. Kurzawa was a 2009 Fr. Ted Colleton Scholarship winner. The Interim: Why did you enter the 2009 Father Ted Scholarship contest? What was your essay about? What especially did you want to convey to the readers? [...]

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Contraceptives: unreliable and unsafe

A contraceptive touted by its makers as 100 per cent effective was not able to prevent the pregnancies of almost 600 women living in the United Kingdom. Implanon, issued 11 years ago by MSD, is a subdermal contraceptive which is implanted under a woman’s skin and releases progesterone to stop ovulation. Although it was supposed to prevent conception for three [...]

2011-03-01T18:08:40-05:00February 28, 2011|Health Risks|

Pro-lifer convinces pharmacist to drop Plan B

A Toronto pharmacist has decided to stop selling the morning-after pill, known also as Plan B, after promptings by a local pro-life advocate. Pharmacist Allan Rothman, who runs The Medicine Shoppe at 515 St.Clair Ave. W. in Toronto, told LifeSiteNews Thursday that he has committed to no longer sell the drug. “By law I have to direct them to another pharmacy,” he [...]

2011-03-01T18:03:36-05:00February 28, 2011|Health Risks|

One hundred years of social chaos and slaughter

The century from 1911 to 2011 may have seen the most decisive changes ever in human history. In 1911, it could be argued that Western civilization stood at its peak, ruling with an often arrogant self-confidence over virtually the entirely planet. Yet there were many harbingers in 1911 of times to come. In Britain, the triumphant Liberals stripped the House of Lords [...]

2011-03-01T17:59:59-05:00February 28, 2011|Society & Culture|

Candlelight vigil kicks off National March for Life

Everyone urged to get involved, even if they are not in Ottawa The National March for Life candlelight vigil will occur this year on Wednesday, May 11, the day before the annual march in the nation’s capital. “It initiates the March for Life with a gathering in Ottawa at the Human Rights Monument,” Wanda Hartlin, secretary for the National March [...]

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Obama pledges support for Roe

Two days before hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers marched in Washington D.C. during the annual March for Life to mark the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Barack Obama released a statement reaffirming his support for  the 1973 Supreme Court decision. He said Roe, “protects women’s health and reproductive freedom, and affirms a fundamental principle: that government should not intrude on [...]

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Abortion as a cry for help

A wise friend of mine says that ironically pro-lifers are often arguing for choice. He pointed out that in a society where the default 'choice' position is to have an abortion, the challenge for pro-lifers is to make the decision a true choice. Once women have real choice, the challenge for pro-lifers is to switch gears and make the case for life. When women feel that the [...]

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Michael Coren Show at 11 pm

Our own columnist Michael Coren has a must-see show on CTS. The show used to be live and on at 10 pm and then moved to a taped version broadcast at 6 pm. For many people, that's too early. They don't want to watch public affairs programming during dinner or with their children still up, and many potential viewers are still commuting, either from work [...]

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Dynamic Women of Faith events in Toronto

There is a affordable ($59) one-day conference in Mississauga (just west of Toronto) March 5 put on by Dynamic Women of Faith for women who want to learn how to deal with life's challenges and prioritize their responsibilities. There are talks about balancing work and home, making more time in one's life, and dealing with the passing of loved one. There is also a panel [...]

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