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Canadian election, Day 6

Seems like day 155. Yesterday all the discussion was about Green Party leader Elizabeth May being excluded from the leader's debate. This, May and her supporters say, is undemocratic because all views should be represented. May told reporters she will ask the uncomfortable questions no one else asks. But if the criteria is that all views be represented and leaders who ask difficult [...]

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Defund Big Abortion

Rep. Mike Pence has an excellent piece at NRO about the need to defund Planned Parenthood. Bottom line: PP does not help women. PP and their media sycophants like to say that defunding Planned Parenthood will jeopardize women's health because it will put at risk the organization's ability to provide, for example, mammograms. Live Action exposed that lie and conclusded that "Planned Parenthood is not [...]

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Genetically selected embryo to save siblings

Interim Staff On Feb. 7, doctors in France announced that the country’s first “saviour sibling” was born. Popularly termed a “bébé-médicament” (medicine baby), a saviour sibling is conceived through in-vitro fertilization and screened to ensure its cells could be used to treat a brother or sister with a genetic disorder. Umut-Talha (“our hope” in Turkish) was born on Jan. 26 in good [...]

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Transgender bill faces obstacles in the Senate

Bill C-389, the so-called bathroom bill that would add “gender identity” and gender expression” to Canada’s human rights and hate crimes laws, looks to be stalled in the Senate. As of press time, there was no sponsor to permit the process to consider the bill to move forward. The homosexualist newspaper Xtra! Reports that the bill’s House sponsor, Bill Siskay [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada In an interview with Radio-Canada, child murderer Robert Latimer said he would kill his disabled daughter Tracy Latimer if faced with the decision to do it over again. “People think it is a hard decision, but it’s not,” he told Anne-Marie Dussault. Latimer was granted full parole in December after serving a ten-year sentence ... Writing in the the Journal of [...]

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Live Action catches PP aiding, abetting sex traffickers

A series of undercover videos from the pro-life organization Live Action have uncovered Planned Parenthood (PP) workers abetting sex trafficking. On Feb. 1, Live Action released a video showing a Planned Parenthood manager at a facility in New Jersey giving a man and woman, two actors posing as a pimp and prostitute, advice on how to manage the operation while [...]

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Myrtle Maylor: serving God by serving the unborn

When I heard the news of Myrtle’s accident, I was not prepared to have such a unique fixture in my life taken. And so, when I caught wind that Myrtle had been struck by a car and was in critical condition in the hospital, her absence along my daily route was painfully pronounced. Myrtle was one of the first people [...]

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Polygamy on trial in B.C.

For over two months, the British Columbia Supreme Court has heard testimony in its case examining whether Canada’s ban on polygamy is constitutional. The issue was referred to the court after a judge in 2009 stayed charges against two Bountiful religious leaders from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) – James Oler and Winston Blackmore - accused [...]

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Fr. Ted Colleton scholarship awards

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2010-2011 Father Ted Colleton Scholarship contest. As has been the case in the past, the quality of candidates and their writing abilities have made the decision difficult. We extend our congratulations to all participants (more than 60) and to the three winning candidates. This years essay theme was: Dishonest language leads to dishonest [...]

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Pols shouldn’t be scared of moral issues

Rory Leishman's March column is on politicians who duck dealing with moral issues; he's looking specifically at Stephen Harper who stated in a January interview that he would not raise the abortion issue, even if he won a majority. (Indeed, he said of abortion: “I have spent my political career trying to stay out of that issue.”) Of course, as Leishman notes, politicians are all too [...]

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Canadian election, day 5

Don Hutchinson of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada notes that advance polls will fall on Good Friday, but is thankful that at least there won't be voting on Easter Sunday. Hutchinson asks whether any of the politicians consulted a calendar. The obvious concern is that Christians will be focused on their religious obligations (quite rightly) and thus could be disenfranchised. The Toronto Star [...]

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Abortion policy causes Social Security woes

Rick Santorum was merely stating the obvious when he said in a New Hampshire radio interview that over the past 40 years not enough babies were born and therefore there are not enough workers (taxpayers) to support the growing number of retirees collecting Social Security. Abortion and anti-family policies and culture has a direct economic impact on society. This is self-evident and yet it [...]

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Canadian election, day 4

The Commission for Justice and Peace of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops 2011 Federal Election Guide lists has listed “Respect for life and human dignity: from conception to natural death” as the top issue for Catholics to consider when they cast a ballot. story here. The United Church of Canada 2011 Federal Election Kit does not mention abortion directly, but does call for [...]

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Best thing about Canadian election

As Xtra!, the homosexualist newspaper reminds us, Bill C-389, which would add transsexual and transgender to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the hate crimes provisions of the Criminal Code, has died on the Senate Order Paper because the election was called. Interim coverage of C-389 can be found here including voting records of MPs present for the vote in December.

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Abortion is the leading cause of death in Canada

The March issue has a chart and short story showing that abortion is the leading cause of death in Canada. Each year there are about 70,000 cardiovascular deaths and 70,000 cancer deaths, but about 100,000 abortion deaths. Not that Stats Can counts abortion as a cause of death.

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