Rep. Mike Pence has an excellent piece at NRO about the need to defund Planned Parenthood. Bottom line: PP does not help women. PP and their media sycophants like to say that defunding Planned Parenthood will jeopardize women’s health because it will put at risk the organization’s ability to provide, for example, mammograms. Live Action exposed that lie and conclusded that “Planned Parenthood is not a comprehensive health care provider.”

Just because federal law prevents Washington from funding abortion directly, that does not mean it isn’t indirectly subsidizing abortion. Pence notes:

According to its most recent annual report, the organization raked in $1.1 billion in total revenue. Of that amount, $363.2 million came from taxpayers in the form of government grants and contracts. While current law prohibits Planned Parenthood from directly using tax dollars on abortions, taxpayers subsidize its overall operation, freeing up funds that can be diverted to direct spending on abortion.

The supposed good work that PP does justifies funding for its main business: aborting tens of thousands of unborn babies each year. Assuming it was true that PP provided comprehensive health care for women — which as former PP clinic worker Abby Johnson has noted, is merely a ruse to get women through their doors —  and Planned Parenthood was as dedicated to breast cancer screening as it pretends to be, it would stop doing abortions to ensure the continued funding of mammograms and other legitimate health services. But they don’t. Why is that? Because Planned Parenthood is not a women’s health care provider; it is an abortion and contraception outfit.