Vote for Ezra Levant’s HRC book

Samara is having a contest for the best political book in Canada over the past 25 years and Ezra Levant's Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights is nominated. Levant's book and personal ordeal dealing with the human rights commission industry in Canada has done more than anything or anyone to highlight the threat to personal liberty inherent [...]

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Ottawa mayor attacked for declaring ‘Respect for Life Day’

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson paradoxically rushed to affirm his belief in the “right to choose” only hours after declaring an honorary day of recognition for the unborn’s right to life in Canada. As thousands of pro-lifers gathered on Parliament Hill May 12 to demand protections for Canada’s unborn, the mayor of Canada’s capital city is facing controversy over his declaration that May [...]

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Bits & Pieces

Canada According to an Abacus Data Inc. poll, 52 per cent of Canadians say “we shouldn’t be afraid to debate” abortion, that 49 per cent think abortion should not be fully covered at taxpayer expense, and only 22 per cent support the status quo of abortion permitted through all nine months without limit. While 27 per cent say human life should be [...]

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Two academics warn about daycare

Large-scale daycare centres and programs do not appear to be improving the educational outcomes of children. Economics professor Pierre Lefebvre of the Université du Québec à Montréal conducted research between 1994 and 2006 on children under five from Quebec and the rest of Canada that showed Quebec’s heavily-subsidized provincial daycare system, which costs parents just $7 per day, is not advancing children’s [...]

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Assisted-suicide ban challenged

The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association filed a lawsuit challenging Canada’s ban on assisted suicide. The suit was filed in the province’s Supreme Court on April 26 on behalf of Lee and Hollis Johnson. The couple took Lee’s mother, 89-year-old Kay Carter, to Switzerland in January 2010 to have her killed by lethal injection, a crime that is punishable in Canada by [...]

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Swiss voters reject assisted suicide ban

Swiss voters rejected a proposal to ban assisted suicide and suicide tourism in the Canton (political district) of Zurich. In a referendum on May 15, about 85 per cent of voters in Zurich rejected a proposal to end legalized assisted suicide while about 78 per cent rejected a separate proposal to stop the practice of suicide tourism by foreigners in their Canton. [...]

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Anti-Christian punk band receives taxpayer funds

The federally funded Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR)  has drawn criticism over its financial support  of a punk album that features anti-Christian artwork. Canadian punk group Living with Lions’ new album, titled “Holy S**t,” features cover art that looks like a Bible, is subtitled “The Poo Testament,” and depicts Christ as excrement. Black Box Recordings, Inc. received $13,248 from FACTOR. [...]

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Green candidate brags about abortion

A Green Party candidate in the recent federal election said he was glad that his unborn child was aborted. According to the Terrace Standard, Roger Benham, running in the riding of Skeena-Bulkley Valley in British Columbia, inarticulatedly stated during the candidates’ debate on April 20 that “I am sick to death about hearing murdering babies.” After admitting that he got a woman [...]

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Pride an inappropriate place to be for the mayor

Radio personality and Toronto Sun columnist Jerry Agar writes about the issue most commentators have danced around: the Gay Pride Parade features elements that the mayor of the city of Toronto (or any mayor) might not want to be involved with: Are the streets of the city an appropriate place for public nudity and for throwing condoms to kids in the crowd? Portions of [...]

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Kinsella sees gay people

In his Sun column Warren Kinsella claims that up to 15% of the population is homosexual. Kathy Shaidle critiques the column. She does a great job explaining why Kinsella is wrong, but we should understand where Kinsella is coming from. It is possible, I suppose, that Warren Kinsella's Toronto is 15% gay -- downtown TO and Liberal circles are disproportionately populated by homosexuals and gay-friendly straights [...]

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Separation of school and state

Rory Leishman in the June issue of The Interim on Ontario's schools, the power of teachers' unions, and a lesson from the United Kingdom: The teachers’ unions prefer Liberals and New Democrats who promise to augment the huge increases in spending lavished on the province’s under-performing public and Catholic school systems over the past eight years of Liberal rule. Bottom line: the [...]

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Rob Ford and Gay Pride

Toronto mayor Rob Ford said he would not take part in the Pride Parade festivities, nor will he be present next Tuesday for the rainbow flag raising at city hall. Instead of taking part in the Pride Parade, Ford said he would do what he does every Canada Day weekend and head to the family cottage in Muskoka. This should not be controversial, [...]

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McGinnis on Game of Thrones

Interim Amusements columnist Rick McGinnis examines the HBO series Game of Thrones in the June issue. McGinnis says: [A]ny Christian knows that, flowing above history’s battlefields are the clouds and sky of our moral striving, constantly inspiring us to look above the wreckage and failure. The world of Game Of Thrones is intent on the battlefield and its carnage, and while it [...]

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See Brian Lilley live this Friday

Sun TV star Brian Lilley is the banquet speaker for this weekend's Pro-Life Forum. You can attend the banquet Friday night separate from the Forum that takes place Saturday. Info is here. This is a last call because organizers need to finalize banquet numbers. Call the number in the ad Wednesday or Thursday to attend. If you can't make it, please consider a donation [...]

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