Mary Wagner gets four more months in jail

Mary Wagner Judge Mavin Wong sentenced pro-life prisoner of conscience Mary Wagner to 10 months in jail May 5, following Wagner’s April 16 conviction on one count of mischief and two of breach of probation. Crown prosecutor Craig Power asked for a sentence of six months for the mischief charge, and ten months for the breach of probation charges. Power [...]

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Euthanasia Prevention Coalition campaign calls on Parliament to “Give Us Time”

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) has launched the “Give Us Time” postcard campaign in response to the Supreme Court of Canada’s assisted suicide ruling. When the Carter v. Canada decision was released on February 6, the Criminal Code prohibition against assisted suicide was struck down. Previously, section 241 of the Code stated that everyone who aids another person in committing suicide, or [...]

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Linda Gibbons released after seven weeks in jail

Linda Gibbons Pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons walked free May 15 after more than seven weeks in jail following her March 24 arrest outside a Toronto abortion facility while peacefully sidewalk counseling. Gibbons has been arrested numerous times in the past for violating “bubble zone” laws that prohibit pro-life activities within a certain radius of Toronto-area abortion facilities. A [...]

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Love and hate

Light is Right Joe Campbell While reading, I often stop to meditate, and not just on sacred texts like the Bible and the Catechism. I also meditate on secular texts like the Constitution and the Criminal Code. Usually, the sacred uplift me. Too often, the secular depress me. I found especially depressing a Supreme Court of Canada text entitled Saskatchewan [...]

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Supreme Court rules against prayer

Rory Leishman The issue was brought before the Court by Alain Simoneau, a professed atheist in Saguenay, a municipality in the Lac-St.-Jean (Maria Chapdelaine) region of northern Quebec. In 2006, Simoneau filed a complaint against the municipality with the Quebec Commission des droits de la personne on the ground that the longstanding practice of reciting a Christian prayer at the [...]

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Pushback against new sex-ed curriculum continues

CLC's Jack Fonseca said protests against sex-ed will continue. Parents across Ontario are still outraged at the changes proposed to the provincial sexual education curriculum. Last October, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a number of updates, including discussions of gender fluidity in Grade 3 (aimed at 7 and 8-year-old students), masturbation in Grade 6 (for 12 and 13-year-old students), and anal [...]

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MPs, senators, leaders at the National March for Life or Rose Dinner

Rod Taylor, leader of the Christian Heritage Party Senator Betty Unger, Alberta Senator Don Plett, Manitoba Senator Tobias Enverga, Ontario Senator Norman Doyle, Newfoundland LaVar Payne, Medicine Hat Leon Benoit, Vegreville-Wainwright Ron Cannan, Kelowna-Lake Country Mark Warawa, Langley Collin Mayes, Okanagan-Shuswap Bob Zimmer, Prince George-Peace River John Williamson, New Brunswick Southwest Kyle Seeback, Brampton West Dave Van Kesteren, Chatham-Kent-Essex Pierre Lemieux, Glengarry-Prescott-Russell [...]

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IMFC study examines daycare availability, parental preferences

Helen Ward, president of the parental childcare-focused charity Kids First Parents Association of Canada, has published a case study of daycare usage in Toronto. The study, entitled, “Is there really a Daycare Shortage?” was released by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC). It aims to “examine daycare demand and availability” in the city. Data shows that “rather than a shortage [...]

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Open letter from Mary Wagner to National March for Life

Editor’s Note: Mary Wagner is currently serving a 10-month prison sentence for attempting to counsel women seeking abortions at Toronto’s Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic. This letter is addressed to the National March for Life in Ottawa, an excerpt of which was read on Parliament Hill on May 14.   Mary Wagner Dear Jim Hughes and friends, organizers of the [...]

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Provincial Marches for Life across the country

On or around May 14, there were eight marches for life in each of the provincial capitals except Toronto and Quebec City, drawing many thousands of pro-lifers to join the call to “let life win,” the theme of this year’s National March for Life in Ottawa. B.C. Catholic reported that there were more than 2000 demonstrators, including 500 high school students, in [...]

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25,000 at 18th annual National March for Life

Photo Anna Dzieciol In what was the largest National March for Life marking the 46th anniversary of the Omnibus Bill that legalized abortion-on-demand in Canada, more than 25,000 pro-lifers demanded “let life win.” Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes told The Interim that he personally counted more than 25,000 marchers. CLC organizes the annual event in the nation’s capital, [...]

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Pro-life MPs bid adieu

Earlier this week Rob Anders and Garry Breitkreuz, pro-life Conservative MPs who are not running for re-election, made statements in the House of Commons saying good-bye to colleagues and thanking supporters. There are two excerpts worth highlighting. Yesterday, Breitkreuz (Yorkton-Melville) said: I will give members an idea of what has moulded my career here. I became a Christian when I was in [...]

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A pleasant surprise

In a statement issued last month, the Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) declared its opposition “to the evident statutory and institutional bias that exists in Ontario against the free-expression rights of pro-life campaigners.” We are grateful for their clear-eyed recognition that the institutions which ought to have protected our Charter rights have failed us so flagrantly. The violation of the rights of [...]

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