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Will British courts ignore Parliament’s rejection of euthanasia?

Rory Leishman Following a lengthy and sometimes impassioned debate on the euthanasia issue, the British House of Commons resolved on Sept. 11 by the crushing margin of 330 to 188 to reject a private member’s bill to legalize assisted suicide for mentally competent and terminally ill adults. In a genuine democracy, such a decisive vote in Parliament should settle the [...]

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A setback, not a defeat

On Oct. 19, Canadians chose to elect 184 Liberal MPs, 99 Conservative MPs, 44 NDP MPs, 10 Bloc Quebecois MPs, and a lone Green Party representative. The new Liberal government is led by arguably the most pro-abortion politician this country has ever seen, Justin Trudeau, the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, who brought legal abortion to Canada in 1969. By [...]

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Be bold

In February, the Supreme Court threw out Canada’s Criminal Code prohibition on euthanasia and assisted-suicide and told Parliament it had one year to come up with a new law. If a new law were not written in that time, euthanasia, like abortion, would be legally tolerated, and probably left to be regulated by the provinces. As noted in our election coverage, Campaign [...]

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What now?

Liberals win huge majority. Opportunities for pro-lifers. Life and family issues in the next Parliament Justin Trudeau's 184 seat majority will not have one pro-life MP in his caucus. On Oct. 19, the solidly pro-abortion Liberal Party won a majority, taking 184 seats in the enlarged 338-seat House of Commons. The Conservatives were reduced to 99 seats and the NDP [...]

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