Don’t judge this book by its cover

Paul Tuns Review The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America by Danielle D’Souza Gill (Hachette, $22.99, 309 pages) The cover of Danielle D’Souza Gill’s book about abortion prominently displays the words The Choice surrounded by pink concentric circles on a pink background. The cover looks like one that would be chosen for a book written in favour of “the choice” to have [...]

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Trudeau government to go after pregnancy centers

Paul Tuns Liberal party platform vowed to strip pro-life groups of charitable tax status In its 2021 election platform, “Forward. For Everyone,” the Liberals threatened to go after the charitable tax status of pro-life groups, including crisis pregnancy centres, that supposedly provide “misinformation” about prenatal development and abortion. On page four of the 89-page document, in a section about “Building Back Better” [...]

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Excerpts, October 2021

“Telling Women They Don’t Need Men is Hurting Their Children” Tim Goeglein The Federalist  (Oct. 14) As the late Michael Novak, recipient of the Templeton Prize and renowned philosopher, once remarked, “Marriage, the family unit, was the ‘original Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.’” Unfortunately, these days, the fundamental foundation for societal well-being – strong marriages and intact families – is crumbling at [...]

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And then there was this, October 2021

Sexual abuse in Louden County public schools LOUDEN COUNTY, Virginia -- Early this spring, in Louden County, a 15-year-old female student was sexually attacked in the girls’ washroom in her school, by a biological boy in a skirt, who claimed to be “non-binary.” The school board tried to cover it up to the point of moving the boy to another school, where he [...]

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Human life begins in the womb

Paul Tuns A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry confirmed that a child’s personality begins development within the womb. The researchers found that different areas of the babies’ brains were already communicating in way that indicated unique personality traits such as cuddliness, fear, laughter, sadness, soothability, and perceptual sensitivity.  University of Virginia (UVA) researchers, led by Tobias Grossmann, a professor [...]

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The truth will upset the applecart

Donald DeMarco Commentary Helen Alvaré is a professor of law at George Mason University, and a courageous defender of unborn human life. In her case courage means a willingness to tell the truth when political correctness forbids it. “The government is essentially proclaiming,” she writes, “that there is only one legitimate kind of homicide in the US: killing within the family.” To [...]

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Medical apartheid: how will churches respond?

John Carpay Canada is now divided into two classes of citizens, the Vaccinated and the Unvaccinated, each with different legal rights. How will Canadian churches respond to this medical apartheid? Apartheid (Afrikaans for “apartness”) was South Africa’s system of racial segregation, in force from 1948 to the early 1990s. All South Africans were legally designated as “Black,” “White,” Coloured” or “Indian.” A [...]

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The pro-life case for vaccines

Rory Leishman In response to an alarming upsurge in severe Covid-19 cases, the government of New Brunswick declared a State of Emergency on Sept. 24 and followed up with a mandatory order that only patrons who are fully vaccinated or medically exempt from vaccination can engage in any non-essential indoor activities. Are such restrictive orders justifiable if necessary to prevent a rapid [...]

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Words mean things

Women have had a few tough months. Women could be forgiven for believing that medical science is a trying to erase them. We’ve had hospitals and medical journals refer to mothers as “birthing people” and women as “menstruating people” – both dehumanizing by reducing women to particular bodily functions. Politically correct medicine, including research, treatment, and care that takes exquisite sensitivity to [...]

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They must shoot the messenger

I had a leg up on my peers in a first-year philosophy course on “Critical Thinking,” having already received pro-life apologetics training and by necessity, learning that ad hominem attacks (literally attacks “to the man”) are fallacious. If you are targetting the arguer instead of refuting the central point of your adversary’s argument, you’re reasoning incorrectly. Do so in an essay, and you [...]

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Hungary as a model for the West

Janice Glover Commentary In the pages of The Interim over the past three years, we have been highlighting various “family friendly” policies and legislation that Hungary has been passing in its parliament that have stood out as a model for a 21st century country. The country has been criticized by the European Union and others in the West, including personal attacks on [...]

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Life Chain 2021

Since the very first Life Chain in 1987 in Yuba City, California, pro-lifers have gathered annually for one hour along roadways and at intersections to pray and hold signs with varying pro-life messages. The 2021 Life Chain took place at around 270 locations in Canada, with the majority of communities participating on Sunday, October 3. Campaign Life Coalition reported that this is [...]

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Whatcott ‘hate’ trial begins

Interim Staff The trial of Bill Whatcott for an alleged hate crime began at the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto last month in relation to the distribution of flyers at the 2016 Toronto Pride parade displaying the potential consequences of homosexual activity. The literature described both the physical and spiritual dangers of homosexual activity and the Crown prosecution says that is [...]

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Halifax man attacked during 40 Days for Life

Paul Tuns A Nova Scotia man was assaulted during the 40 Days for Life witness in Halifax. The man, whom The Interim is not identifying, were “minding our own business on the side of Spring Garden Road” in Halifax, “praying my rosary” when “suddenly” a “masked woman rushed onto us from our right side,” grabbing one of the signs from the man’s [...]

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Manitoba legislature rejects bubble zone

Paul Tuns The Manitoba Progressive Conservative caucus voted against a private member’s bill that would have created an anti-free speech zone around all facilities that committed abortions in the province. Bill 207, The Abortion Protest Buffer Zone Act, was defeated 30-20 with the NDP and Liberal MLAs voting for the bill, on the last day of the fall legislative session. NDP MLA [...]

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