It’s been a generation since the struggle began.

May 14 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the infamous Omnibus Bill, passed by the federal Liberals under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Justice Minister John Turner, which legalized widespread abortion in Canada.

The pro-life movement has been there from the beginning, dogging the steps of the abortion movement and providing a witness to the national tragedy. It has been on the streets in front of the clinics, organizing politically and trying to educate Canadians.

It plans to make its presence felt again this May to mark the 25th anniversary of widespread abortion in Canada.

She’s A Child Ontario is a joint project of Campaign Life Coalition, Toronto Right to Life and Alliance for Life. There will be prayer services in churches of all denominations on May 13, the erection of signs outside churches saying “We mourn 25 years of abortion 1969-1994. It hurts us all” and a day of prayer and fasting. Federal and provincial politicians will get a visit and personally hear about the harm abortion causes to our nation.