On October 6, 1991, over 75,000 Canadians representing all ten provinces linked together to stand up for the rights of the pre-born.  Together with over 772,000 Americans they formed the first international Life Chain.  Each participant held a sign with simply inscribed ‘ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN” and “JESUS FORGIVES AND HEALS.”

Following on the heels of its initial success, Vancouver again led all Canadian cities with an exceptional turnout of 17,000.  This, along with some larger than expected numbers across Canada, pleased many of the event’s organizers.  Such a high nationwide total must be considered a surprise in a country where unified protests are uncommon.

IN all centers across North American, participants remained committed to their founding principles of providing a silent, prayerful witness to the sanctity of human life.

“Our protest has to take place in silence and prayer,” stated Gilles Grondin, president of Campagne Quebec Vie, in Montreal, which provided the most tasteless and provocative counter-demonstration in Canada.  The pro-abortionists, using what they termed “guerilla threats,” staged a mock back-alley abortion, complete with coat hangers and fake blood.

However, despite the pockets of hostility, Life Chain emerged as a dignified form of activism which continued to make its profound statement of fact – “ABORTION KILLS CHLDREN.”

Worth remembering

  • The sight of a long, sleek, black limousine, usually reserved for the executive set, driving through Vancouver bearing Life Chain signs;
  • The uplifting spectacle of Canadian and U.S. pro-lifers braving the cold and rain to meet on the Niagara Falls Bridge;
  • Smithers, a little town in Northern B.C., getting over 10 per cent of its inhabitants to participate in Life Chain;
  • A call, received by the Toronto organizers, from a couple who saw Life Chain and offered to adopt a baby;
  • The response by Father Rossi of St. Michael the Archangel Church in Burnaby, B.C., when confronted by someone who thought he had become too political: “I do not apologize for upholding the law of God whose Word will not be chained even when those who oppose it want to make it political.”