This fifth editorial on the abortion mentality in Canada concerns pro-life tactics.

Let us say at once that many people, including those who consider themselves opposed to abortion, are not fond of pro-lifers.  Indeed, their faces turn grim when they speak about pro-life activists, whether the political ones who confront politicians, the educational kind when they show pictures of aborted babies, or those who block abortuaries (a label considered ‘inappropriate’).

A recent sample of this view appeared in Edmonton’s weekly newspaper, the Western Catholic Reporter, under editor Glen Argan’s title “Confrontations over abortion clinic.”

The editor speaks in column tones: the opening of the ‘clinic’ should be “deplored”; Morgentaler’s rise to prominence is “disconcerting”; abortions should not be “tolerated” (this after 22 years and 1.5 million victims!); and, he says, the majority in society speak about the issue in “calm, measured tones.”

“It takes only a handful of aggressive pro-lifers,” the editor continues, “to undermine” this precious calm.  He then scoffingly refers to the “antics of the protesters”; how in the “war for public sympathy” they once had “reason and compassion on their side,” but foreclosed on these virtues by a “policy of confrontation.”

He refers to pro-abortionists by their own deceptive and false description as ‘pro-choicers’; but he ridicules pro-lifers’ use of “militant tactics” by pitting them against the quiet, direct help to mothers provided by Birthright, speculating rhetorically that the latter saves babies while the militants don’t.  “These people,” he then declares, are only concerned about “attention.”

The editor’s most concerted assault is delivered with the accusation that “to some extent, Morgentaler’s rise to legitimacy has been assisted by a minority of pro-lifers, who have been militant in opposing him.”  This is so, he says, because Morgentaler “has been skillful in using their antics to portray the whole pro-life movement as a bunch of nuts.”

Alas, if only Mr. Argan were right.  As his logic would have it, the removal of pro-life militancy would return Canada to normality and sanity.

Alas, Mr. Argan is wrong.  He is wrong because the removal of militancy will lead to an even heavier slumber and contented acceptance of the status quo that exists now.  In truth, it is the absence of pro-life militancy which allows Mr. Morgentaler to carry on.

Let us not forget that abortion is respectable today because 22 years ago, Liberal and NDP members of parliament, guided by the respectable, sober, measured, calm, reasonable and ‘compassionate’ leadership of (a heavily Catholic) Cabinet (24 Ministers out of 35) decided to change the law and make the killing of pre-born babies lawful.  Since that time ‘sober and reasonable’ Conservatives have followed in their footsteps.

Pro-lifers should ignore the advice of Mr. Argan.  Instead let us confront the abortionists everywhere; let us have more militancy, not less; let us rid the country of  that complacent self-righteousness which keeps the abortionists busy, content, admired and wealthy.