It was ignored again by the media but Lifechain’s message still got out as about 45,000 Canadians held signs in more than 100 cities to try to stir the conscience of a country on the abortion issue.

Louis DiRocco, Lifechain organizer, says the event, which has pro-lifers standing silently holding signs and praying for a stop to abortion, is still one of the best ways to get the message to the people on the streets.

“It was a great success even though the numbers were down nation-wide,” he says. “People were asked to pray this year and I’m sure we’ll get great benefits.”

The best turnout in the country was in Vancouver where 7,000 people, under the leadership of Catholic Archbishop Adam Exner, participated.

“Exner was fabulous,” said CLC B.C. President John Hof. “We had a lot of people standing shoulder to shoulder speaking for life.”

Toronto came next with 4,800 scattered throughout 35 locations in the city. DiRocco says he was pleased with the numbers of clergy who came out in Toronto even though the event wasn’t officially sponsored by any church.

Results across the country include: Winnipeg, 1,000; Calgary, 1,100; Hamilton, 2,100; Niagara Falls, 3,500; Abbotsford, B.C., 2,500 and Victoria, 1,100.

Small numbers of pro-abortionists showed up in some of the larger cities to protest the Lifechain.