Action days

Here is some hot news!!  Pro-life students around the province are working on OSFL Action Days.  An OSFL Action Day is an exciting one day youth pro-life event.  The schedule includes informative and inspirational speakers, practical “How to” workshops, a visible pro-life activity in the community, uniting together in a prayer service and then winding it up with a hip and happening social event.

Presently there are OSFL Action Days being planned in Collingwood, London, Toronto, North Bay, Kingston, Pembroke, Ottawa and more!

Kathleen Ross is traveling around Ontario speaking in high schools and youth groups.  She gives a lively and personal presentation speaking the pro-life message with strength and concern.  Kathleen then gives students practical help in establishing pro-life clubs in their schools or communities.

If you would like to attend or plan an OSFL Action Day or are interested in having Kathleen speak to your school, please call her today at (416) 972-6126 Decisions International make an ominous prediction:

If pro-life groups did not recognize the need to somehow incorporate more youth into their movement, then the handwriting was on the wall—the movement could not expect to survive.

It was a challenge that had already been in the hearts, and on the minds of a number of pro-life leaders in B.C.  They had already recognized that the future belonged to the youth—the real abortion survivors of our day.

With renewed vigor, pro-life groups in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia hosted the annual B.C. Pro-Life Youth Conference.  This year’s conference was considered a highlight for the movement and has been one of the most successful undertakings that pro-life groups in the province have ever achieved.

In October, over 250 youth from all over British Columbia crowded into the Johnston Heights Evangelical Church to hear such well-known speakers as Rev. Tom Lynch, Doug Scott of Life Decisions International, Tammy Evevard of REACH Youth Ministries and Debbie Sealey, an abortion victim.

But how to capitalize on all that youthful talent?  Each year more and more youth commented that just on meeting once a year was not enough—there had to be something more.

As is the case with providence Rev. Tom Lynch came to B.C. with the answer—pro-life youth in action!  It was time, he proclaimed, that the youth of British Columbia setting up an official organization, a group that will work towards galvanizing the youth in the province to action on behalf of the unborn.

Thus B. C. Youth for Life was formed, an historic first for the province.

Doug Scott commented: “Over and over again we heard about the need for the youth to fellowship together…and how relieved they are to realize that they did not have to stand alone.  You can never measure the success of such a realization.”

Organizers agree.  Plans are already underway for next year’s event.  An executive is being formed and an official invitation is on its way for interested youth to come and spend some time at next spring’s provincial pro-life convention.

Two hundred and fifty young people can’t be wrong.  The wave of the future for Canada’s pro-life movement will most definitely rest upon the shoulders of these young activists.