A youth conference in Ontario attracts 400.  A similar conference in B.C.

draws 250.  It appears that the leaders of tomorrow are prepared to flex their muscles today.

Ontario meet whips youth into action

In October, the Ontario Students for Life held their sixth annual conference, “Life is Great?”

It was a totally great, superb, fine, nice, delightful, educational, fun, amazing, but not awesome weekend!  There were over 400 young people in attendance and the enthusiasm and energy of the crowd was contagious.

Saturday’s speakers began with the truly inspirational Sarah and Betty Smith.  Twenty  five years ago Mrs. Betty Smith was pregnant.  She had an abortion, but unbeknownst to her, she had been pregnant with twins and her daughter Sarah survived the abortion!!  Sarah and Betty now travel the country and share their powerful story.

Shari Richard, a professional ultrasound technician gave the students a look through “The Window to the Womb.”  They could see little babies swimming around in the womb on a jumbo T.V. screen.

Wendy Gillings shared her personal abortion experiences and testified to the fact that the Post Abortion Syndrome is real and that help and healing is available for women who are suffering from grief, guilt and pain abortion causes women.

The students were surprised to learn that there are pro-lifer “Prisoners of Conscience” here in Canada!  Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life cited the example of, was Linda Gibbons, an Ontario grandmother.  Linda has been in prison for a year now because she refused to abide by an unfair injunction which disallows people to protest abortion at an abortion clinic.  During some of the cheering session over the weekend choruses of “Free Linda Gibbons” raised the roof.

The Chastity Challenge Team presented their hip and happening message about the freedom of chastity and were enthusiastically received.

Fr. Tom Lynch spoke about Euthanasia and gave frightening Dutch government medical statistics on Euthanasia.  He went on to explain how euthanasia is slowly becoming a reality right here in our very own country.

Frank Tanana, former Detroit Tiger’s pitcher and member of Athletes for Life, spoke eloquently about his Life, spoke eloquently about his life experiences and his belief in the sanctity of human life.  The students responded with a rousing pro-life rendition of the wave.

There was great unity among the students over the weekend.  The Interdenominational Liturgy of the Word highlighted this.  Rev. Father Dennis Howard gave an excellent speech. Saturday night the party really kicked in and the delegates sang, danced and were merry into the wee hours of the morning.

In workshops on Sunday, students worked to channel all the pro-life knowledge and enthusiasm of the weekend into positive pro-life projects in their own communities.  There are now many communities across Ontario planning OSFL Action Days which will take place throughout the year.