The Interim plans to feature semi-regular columns by students and young adults covering a variety of pro-life issues. It is expected the young adult/ student columns will appear every second month.

The first such, submitted by Kerri-Lee Mullan of the University of Western Ontario’s pro-life group, is scheduled for the March, 1997 issue. Kerri-Lee will discuss reflections of an ex pro-choicer on the journey to life. It promises to make for an exciting debut.

As a growing force in the Canadian pro-life movement, young adults bring ideals, energy and enthusiasm to the struggle against abortion and the declining respect for life in general. A recent symposium in Cambridge, Ontario attracted a huge turnout. As well, a Toronto symposium in January focused on ways of bringing the respect for life message to university campuses across the country.

Some of the topics being considered for The Interim young adults’ column include: pressures facing young people growing up in an anti-life society, a report on the “Real Life –Real Love” conferences in Ottawa, the efforts of the Chastity Challenge team, reports from the Skate for Life on the Rideau Canal, and regional young pro-life activity.

Possible contributors Vanya Gobi of Ontario Students for Life, Rebecca Morcos of the Chastity Challenge team, and Jacquie Nivet of Students Against Violation of Life (SAVOL).