Andrew’s Pilgrimage for Life

By Tanya M. Granic
The Interim

Today’s youth are taking on greater challenges than ever before. Andrew Fournier, a Campaign Life Coalition Youth (CLCY) member, is no exception. A bright-eyed 19 year old from Arnprior, Ont., Andrew has decided to walk across Canada to raise awareness and money for the pro-life cause.

“I am walking across Canada to help children who are in need,” he says thoughtfully. “To not do my utmost would be a shirking of my duties towards God.” In discerning whether or not to take on this challenge, Andrew spent two weeks in prayer at Madonna House, a retreat center for lay persons in Combermere, Ont.

in”I want to give the following message to pro-life youth: Youth should be the driving force behind the pro-life movement. If you are an unmarried young person, you have more time and energy to give than otherwise.”

The pro-life message is not new for Andrew. The second of Catherine and Peter Fournier’s six children, he says that “the realization that an unborn brother or sister is a person comes very early.”

Andrew will be raising money for Camping Life Coalition Youth (CLCY) and Canadian Food For Children, a non-profit organization that sends shipments of food, clothing and books to impoverished children around the world. Andrew decided to walk for CLCY because its parent group, Campaign Life Coalition, “is [already] a large and well-known pro-life group.” As for Canadian Food For Children: “I wanted to make it plain to people that pro-life meant saving starving children as well as the pre-born.”

Andrew will commence his walk Mar. 1, 2000 from North Sydney, Nova Scotia and hopes to complete it by Nov. 26, 2000 in Vancouver. He plans to walk in the March for Life in Ottawa May 11.

When asked how he is preparing for this journey, Andrew responded, “I am not nearly [as] concerned with physical preparation as I am with mental and spiritual.” The former air cadet enjoys outdoor camping and canoe trips with his family, so he is no stranger to physical exertion. And at six feet six inches, his strides for life will surely be great ones.

To make a private or corporate pledge to sponsor Andrew’s Pilgrimage for Life, or to accompany Andrew on his route when he is in your area, please call 416-368-8479 or 1-800-730-5358 or e-mail CLCY at His route and updates will be posted on the internet at

North Sydney Mar. 1

Moncton Mar. 22

St. John Mar. 29

Fredericton Apr. 2

Quebec City Apr. 20

Montreal Apr. 29

Ottawa May 11

Toronto May 28

Thunder Bay June 13

Winnipeg July 31

Regina Sept. 3

Calgary Oct. 5

Vancouver Nov. 26