Abortion hurts women.

That was the message 20-year-old Julie Sluzar wanted to send to her fellow students. So the third-year Dalhousie undergraduate recently braved the Maritime winter, stood outside the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax and held up a sign bearing this message at a pro-abortion conference for medical students.

“My friend Nicole Campbell and I had received an e-mail from a pro-life med student at Dalhousie,” Sluzar told The Interim. Sluzar and Campbell are founders of DAL-Alive, Dalhousie’s pro-life student organization.

“Our friend told us that a ‘pro-choice’ medical conference was taking place and that many med students in Nova Scotia had received e-mail invitations to this conference,” Sluzar said. “Nicole and I felt called to picket this conference. After all, abortion is an issue covered in so many lies and we’re called to be God’s hands and feet in shining the light of truth.”

“This is a message of love,” added Campbell. “Abortion causes pain and hurt. I’ve helped a couple of women who have experienced an abortion through the healing process and I’ve seen how they were hurt by their abortion. I just cannot stand to see people hurt by this issue, so I felt it important to get out on the street and get people thinking with an ‘Abortion Hurts Women’ sign.”

The pair were joined by Ellen Chesal, secretary of Campaign Life Coalition Nova Scotia, and other local pro-life activists. “They were told that … the medical students were being trained on how to do first and third trimester abortions,” said Chesal. “Between 15 and 20 protesters showed up on a bitterly cold Nova Scotia morning to pray and picket. Among them were three priests from the (Catholic) Archdiocese of Halifax.

“CLC Nova Scotia wholeheartedly supports DAL-Alive. These students are taking a lead in the future of the pro-life movement and we support them wholeheartedly.”