Documentary vividly demonstrates problem of gendercide

It’s a Girl (Shadowline Films, directed by Evan Grae Davis, 60 minutes, $24.95) It’s a Girl, a feature-length documentary directed by Evan Grae Davis, exposes the problem of gendercide in India and China. Filmed on location, the film is informative, well-paced, and visually stimulating in its mix of background information, animations, personal stories, and expert commentary. The key message is that while [...]

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New DVD provides information on fetal pain

A Medical Detective Story; What You Felt Before You Were Born by Paul Ranalli (de Veber Institute, 60 minutes, $20) Review The issue of fetal pain is an aspect of the abortion debate that has been consistently overshadowed by the more dominating question of the personhood of the fetus. While outsiders may find this somewhat odd, the reasoning of pro-lifers is simple. [...]

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Coren’s Lifesite webcasts on CD

The Best of Michael Coren on LifeSite in Real Audio (Interim Publishing, Toronto, $15). Review by Paul Tuns The Interim Interim readers will be familiar with journalist and broadcaster Michael Coren, not only from his column in this newspaper, but also from his writing in the Sun newspapers, his many books, and his Crossroads television show, Michael Coren Live. It's likely, however, [...]

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Insights into euthanasia’s ‘false light’

Video In Review Euthanasia: False Light Produced by the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force Available from Life Cycle Books, 416-690-5860 1995, 15 minutes, $29.95 Denny Brace found a new oncologist when his first one coldly predicted he’d be dead in 12 months. Denny went through chemotherapy and now, three years later, with his pain under control, he jogs, lifts weights and works part-time [...]

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Video in Review: Video notes porn’s addictive side

The Power to Win: Overcoming Pornography Produced by Windborne Productions Available from Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Tel: 905-479-4742 48 minutes, $25.00 Neither graphic nor offensive Power to Win breaks the myth that if you are a Christian, married to an attractive spouse, you should have no problems with porn. In The Power to Win two married couples and one single man talk [...]

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