Post-Dobbs, abortion pills marketed digitally

Joanna Alphonso: The monumental Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision rendered in June of 2022, overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade (1973), sparked a digital wave promoting early abortion access to women with unwanted pregnancies. The Roe decision held that abortion was a constitutional right. For this reason, no state could outright outlaw abortion – but they could enforce various legal [...]

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Why Liberals should be pro-life

This month, we begin a series reviewing the reasons why the three largest national political parties in Canada should be staunch and unapologetic defenders of the pro-life cause. Currently, of course, only one of the big three national political parties is even hospitable to pro-lifers, and the other two parties have adopted pro-abortion policies at the level of their platform. But there [...]

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C-270, an act to stop internet sexual exploitation, may get fall hearing

Warren McArthur: BT_1172205 June 2017Arnold Viersen Official Portrait Ottawa, ONTARIO, on 05 June, 2017. Credit: Bernard Thibodeau, House of Commons Photo Services© HOC-CDC, 2017 Bill C-270, known as the “Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation Act,” is sponsored by Conservative MP Arnold Viersen (Peace River – Westlock). The Stopping Internet Sexual Exploitation Act, or the SISE Act, is still at first reading. [...]

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LifeSiteNews marks 25 years of pro-life journalism with gala

Interim Staff: On July 18, LifeSiteNews held a gala dinner in Markham, Ont., to mark a quarter century of online pro-life journalism. Growing from a small operation in 1997 – the actual 25th anniversary was last year and celebrated with a gala dinner in Naples, Florida – to a media organization with more than 75 employees and contractors, LSN has had nearly [...]

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U.S. Court reinstates abortion pill safeguards

Oswald Clark: On August 16, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Food and Drug Administration’s relaxation of restrictions around the abortion pill mifepristone in 2016, 2019, and 2021, saying they did not take into consideration the health and safety of women. The decision will likely be stayed until the Supreme Court hears the case; the Biden administration’s Justice Department [...]

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Critique of transgender man competing in Canadian women’s weightlifting

Anna Kennedy : A transgender man who goes by the name Anne Andres, won the women’s weightlifting competition in the western division of Canada’s Powerlifting Union (CPU) on August 13. He won with a score of 597.5 kilograms (about 1317 pounds) across three lifts, which was 200 kg greater than his closest competitor, SuJan Gill. Consequently, he set new national women’s weightlifting records [...]

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Cheers for premiers

The governments of Blaine Higgs and Scott Moe in New Brunswick and Saskatchewan deserve praise for taking action to uphold parental rights. Both have announced policies that require parents know what is happening in their children’s schools. New Brunswick no longer allows schools to refer to children’s “preferred” name or pronouns of gender-confused students without the permission of parents. Saskatchewan’s new “Parental [...]

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Education Minister bans Planned Parenthood from Saskatchewan schools

Angelica Vecchiato: Pro-family groups think more must be done to protect the innocence of children after Planned Parenthood was banned from Saskatchewan schools for advertising graphic sexual content to 14 and 15-year-olds. In June, the provincial Minister of Education Dustin Duncan suspended Planned Parenthood and its affiliates after the ‘pro-choice’ organization gave a presentation at Lumsden High School -- located a half-hour [...]

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For the Love of Reading

Reading for the Love of God Jessica Hooten Wilson (Brazos Press, $30.99, 193 pages) Jessica Hooten Wilson’s Reading for the Love of God: How to Read as a Spiritual Practice laments that Christians stopped “being considered a bookish people – a people who revered words,” to eschew history, philosophy, and literature as they are focused solely on the Word of God. She [...]

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And Then There Was This, July August 2023

By J.M. Glover: Imposing abortion globally Western countries, like Canada and the U.S., provide assistance to developing countries to help combat medical emergencies like HIV/AIDS, poverty and weather-related catastrophes. However, there is an important catch. The funding is often attached with strings that abortion must be promoted and performed. Leading African business, religious and political leaders have asked members of the U.S. [...]

Authors examine ideological assault on children

Angelica Vecchiato, Review: Stolen Youth: How Radicals are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation by Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz (Daily Wire, $37.99, 347 pages) In a world of progressive evangelists proselytising the gospel of woke, children are not safe. Bethany Mandel and Karol Markowicz’s Stolen Youth is a biting exposé of the leftist indoctrination that has subtly seeped its way in [...]

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Late-term abortions

Rory Leishman: Dr. Warren Hern is a cold-hearted killer—the moral equivalent of a hired assassin—who has no compunction about aborting even the healthy baby of a healthy mother during the last stages of a pregnancy simply because the mother has decided that she no longer wants her child to live. In this respect, Hern stands virtually alone. Only a tiny minority of [...]

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Canada enthusiastically embraces euthanasia

Joanna Alphonso: Euthanasia is legally defined as the deliberate killing of someone by action or omission for the intention of relieving that person of their suffering. Belgium, Canada, Colombia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Spain, and most recently Portugal as of 2023, permit active euthanasia (administration of lethal drugs) for irreversible terminal illnesses for adults and in some of these countries, for [...]

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What is a Woman documentary seen more than 173 million times

Liana Gordon: Almost exactly a year ago, The Daily Wire released their documentary, “What is a Woman?” Media outcry and attempts at censorship prompted the organization to refer to their film as “The Movie They Didn’t Want You to See.” As of June 7, it has been seen over 173 million times. The documentary follows The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh as [...]

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The abortion issue and the emergence of false gods

Donald DeMarco, Commentary: In an exceptionally well-reasoned article that appeared in The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly (“Thomas Aquinas on the Acts of Creation and Procreation,” Winter 2003), Susan Seiner-Wright argued that, “For many, sexual activity is clearly not related to a conceived child as ‘a way is related to its end.’ Instead, sexual activity clearly bears the characteristics of immanent action, which Aquinas [...]

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