The pro-life movement owes a debt of gratitude to the 25 pro-life MPs who, sadly, are not running again. They all voted for pro-life and pro-family legislation, and many of them spoke up in the House of Commons and stood with the National March for Life on the steps of Parliament; some of them introduced pro-life and pro-family legislation. On behalf of the pro-life movement, we thank these MPs – they are recognized by name on page 11 – for their principled and courageous stand.

As former MP Pat O’Brien reminds us each year at the March for Life, they face tremendous pressure to keep quiet and toe the party line. These men and women did not. Campaign Life Coalition national president Jim Hughes says that few former pro-life MPs remain involved in the cause, but we hope that this class of retiring members of Parliament will be different.

The challenge, now, is to replace this contingent with a new generation of pro-life and pro-family MPs on October 19. It will not be easy. It never is.