In this issue, we cover recent developments in abortion, euthanasia, and human trafficking. Abortion and euthanasia are clearly pro-life issues: both involve the termination of innocent human life. This link can be stretched to meaninglessness to include all issues, but all three quite clearly are connected to the devaluing of human beings. Abortion justifies killing by denying the humanity of the child in the womb or claiming the unborn life is meaningless. Euthanasia justifies killing by downplaying the sanctity of the human life of the elderly, sick or disabled.

Human trafficking does not require the killing of human beings, but it certainly dehumanizes them by reducing human beings (typically women and children) to commodities to be bought and sold. This modern slavery treats people as means to ends for pimps and johns, criminals who trade in homo sapians and sell their services to those looking for a quick sexual fix. This must stop and the perpetrators must not go unpunished.