Do you find politics boring or sleazy?  Are you always complaining about this politician or that?

In the upcoming federal election campaign, if you, who claim to be pro-life, vote for a candidate who is pro-abortion, you may as well be standing in the abortuary – passing the laminaria, the scalpel, the suction machine, the vacurettes, to your local abortionist.

The voter gives power to the politician.  The politician empowers the abortionist to kill unborn babies when he or she refuses to enact or support pro-life legislation.

No political party is endorsed by the pro-life movement as the one most likely to enact legislation to protect the unborn against abortion and the weak and vulnerable from euthanasia in the next parliament.

Only the Christian Heritage Party has a pro-life policy.  But, if you’re hoping that it will form the next government, please don’t hold your breath.  We can be optimistic and hopeful about its chances, but we also have a duty to be credible and realistic.  At press time, the CHP has announced ten candidates for the upcoming federal election.  So, with the best will in the world, it’s unfair to the CHP to expect more than it can possibly deliver.

It seems to us that the only practical pro-life strategy in this election campaign is for all of us, pro-life voters, to get serious and talk about the life issues at the riding level.  If candidates make a pro-life commitment, then it is up to us to work and vote for them – and tell them that, if elected, we will be monitoring them to ensure that they live up to campaign promises.

Of course, candidates will wriggle when they can.  They will exclaim that they are pro-choice; not pro-abortion.  They will insist that the economy, the environment, free trade, are all important, but there is equally no doubt that a society which refuses to address with justice and compassion the needs of pregnant mothers, unborn children, the disabled and the elderly is a society which will self-destruct.

On Election Day, you will hold the fate of the vulnerable in your hands.  The only logical choice is to vote for life.

Rose and Thorn


Elaine and Walter Schachtschneider. For their valiant effort to make the Canadian tax system more equitable to married couples.  Elaine and Walter went to court to protest a system which allows couples living common-law to pay less tax than married couples.  They lost but their perseverance allowed us to see that the judicial and tax systems no longer have the best interests of the family in mind.


Provincial Film Boards. For allowing full license to the pornography industry.  Film Boards across the nation, most notably in Ontario, refuse o clamp down on these disgusting videos but allow them to pass under the “freedom of expression” label.  When are governments going to come to their senses and realize that these non-elected boards are out of touch with public standards?  How many more sexual crimes have to be committed before they come to this realization?