During the difficult days of this pandemic, spare a thought for the writers of pro-abortion press releases – theirs is no easy task. On March 20, two prominent abortion advocacy groups, the National Abortion Federation and Action Canada, joined “their voices to make sure that abortion care remains available in Canada during this time of crisis.” In this statement “on essential abortion care,” they argue that abortion “is a time-sensitive, medically necessary intervention,” one that “cannot be deferred without profound consequences.” Indeed, they assert, that as “our country moves deeper into this crisis, we must especially protect the human rights of the most marginalized members of society.” We certainly must, but how, exactly, does “abortion care” fulfill that mission?

In this statement, we see the preposterous rhetoric of medical care clash with the reality of infanticide. Even here, where murder masquerades as therapy, obvious contradictions impinge: why, precisely, is abortion so essential? What makes it so time-sensitive? And what, one wonders, are the “profound consequences” that would follow from its delay? The statement’s tone of urgency strains against its own embarrassment: while arguing for abortion as “essential care,” these depraved individuals within those groups cannot bring themselves to face abortion’s grim facts. The only medical services which should be made available during this crisis are those which save lives; here, instead, we have a straight-faced case being made for murder in a global emergency.

More ludicrous than this “joint statement,” however, is the fact that its logic has been accepted by both our own government and that discredited hand-puppet of totalitarian China, the World Health Organization. During a dangerous pandemic, those entrusted with power remain willfully blinded by ideological lies. If our leaders cannot recognize the insanity of their position on abortion during this crisis, how can they be trusted to handle the crisis itself?