One hallmark of a repressive regime is the many ways it chooses to stifle  dissent. The  Berlin Wall has fallen; the Soviet Union has dissolved. But, in 1993, in Ontario, repression flourishes under the New Democratric Party.

If Attorney- General Marion Boyd wins her case in court, fundamental freedoms of speech and assembly in Ontario will be withdrawn.

At named locations across the province, no one will be allowed to stand in front of an abortuary or hospital to offer a helping hand to a pregnant woman in need. No one will be permitted to stand in front of a “doctor’s” office to tell the community that there is an abortionist in residence. No one will be free to gather in these locations to say a simple prayer to mourn those killed or maimed  –sacrificed on the altar of choice. These simple acts of compassion will not be tolerated: they are called “harassment” or “intimidation.”

The Attorney General is not likely to contact the 96 women who in the last year—outside just one Toronto abortuary—accepted the helping hand and gave birth to their babies. She is unlikely to track down the countless numbers of women who call pro-life offices across Canada, trying to find healing for their post-abortion grief. The NDP is not interested in truth here, it is only interested in pacifying the pro-abortionist.

The bitter irony is that this totalitarian crackdown comes from a government which prides itself on championing the rights of free speech and assembly. This directive comes from a Premier who once sat down in the middle of a road in Northern Ontario and was arrested—to protect trees from loggers and big business. The message is clear: Scotch Pine is politically –correct behaviour; trying to saved human beings is not.

  • No doubt Premier Bob Rae is gambling that his dismantling of democratic rights will go unnoticed because the targets are the despised pro-lifers. But silencing one group will inevitably threaten the rights of others when their views offend the next ruling elite. We hope that the civil libertarians, the union organizers, the church leaders, and the academic intelligentsia, understand what is at stake here.

All reasonable people must stand up now and denounce this outrageous suppression of civil liberties. This new court battle is not about abortion as much as it is about power.

“The truth shall make you free.” John  8:32.