It is a cliche of modern life that New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken. Perhaps by the time you have read this editorial you have already returned to the bad habits or behaviour you vowed to cease in 2018. We hope, though, that there is a resolution we all make that we all keep this year: a solid commitment to increase our pro-life activism. We must follow this commitment faithfully all year long.

Every pro-life group in Canada needs more volunteers. From answering phones to filling envelopes to manning booths at fairs, pro-life groups depend on people selflessly giving their time to be their most effective.

Every pro-life event needs more participants. From 40 Days for Life to LifeChain, from the national and regional marches for life to conferences, organizers are looking for more people to witness to the injustice of abortion in protests and to take part in local or national activities.

Every community needs a pro-life witness. If your town, school, or congregation does not have a pro-life group, you should consider starting one.

Every pro-life politician needs more help. From volunteering to displaying lawn signs to donations, elected officials who stand up for truth and justice for the vulnerable deserve our support.

Every pro-life organization needs more financial support. We are all grateful for the support we receive – donations, subscriptions, monthly deposits, fundraiser purchases. But there is always a need to do more with the meager resources we have. Many pro-lifers are under the erroneous assumption that the churches fund the pro-life movement. While many groups have dedicated pastors and lay groups helping, there is no systemic support of the movement by the Christian churches.

Furthermore, pro-life groups do not have the enormous advantage that pro-abortion, anti-family, and feminist groups have: government support. The organizations on the other side get massive amounts of government funding – your tax dollars. As we report on page two, Ottawa is creating a pro-abortion and pro-homosexual litmus test for organizations and companies receiving assistance to hire summer students.

Lastly but most importantly, every pro-lifer, every pregnant mother, and every unborn child needs and deserves your prayers. None of this work is possible without the grace of God and protection of the Holy Spirit. We sincerely hope that we are part of your regular prayers. Know that we are praying for you. Everyone in the pro-life movement needs spiritual sustenance.

There is so much work to do in the pro-life movement. It needs everyone to do his or her part. Make it your New Year’s resolution to do more.