The coming election

Pro-lifers may face the coming election with a degree of confidence.  The voting in the House of Commons on July 28 has revealed that pro-life sentiments are far stronger than the media pundits and the pro-abortionists have made the country believe.  At the same time the voting has provided a factual record on four out of every five MPs currently in the House.

The details of this record are printed elsewhere in this edition.  They should be used by local pro-life groups to inform as many people in each constituency or area as possible, together with a renewed emphasis on basic points.

First, we must not permit parliament to legalize abortion all over again now that the 1969 instrument of legalization, Section 251 of the Criminal Code, has been struck down.

Second, new legislation must outlaw abortion.  This requires the removal of the word “health” from any proposed legislation.

Third, media bullying about what the Supreme Court may, or may not do, should be ignored.  It is the duty of MPs to draft legislation protective of the unborn child.  The only legislation in harmony with the law of God is that which prohibits abortion.

Fourth, there is no such right as “the right of woman to kill her unborn baby.”  This is a blasphemous invention of secular feminists, whether male or female, disguised under terms such as “pro-choice” or “reproductive choice.”

Fifth, those who accept the non-existing right to “reproductive choice” should be identified as “pro-abortion,” despite their claim that they do not favor abortions.  To accept the right to kill an unborn human being at whatever stage if development, including its earliest stage, is being “pro-abortion.”

Sixth, to be pro-abortion is to disqualify oneself from public office.  In this sense pro-life people are “one issue” people.  They must never vote for a politician who accepts the legitimacy of abortion, no matter what his or her other qualifications may be.

Seventh, abortion is an act of violence against child and mother.  It is an intrinsically evil act which neither may, nor can be “legalized.”  It is contrary to the law of God and, therefore, beyond the powers of Parliaments.

Eighth, once new legislation prohibiting abortions has been passed medical personnel who continue to commit abortions should be jailed.  Professional killers have no place in civilized society.

Ninth, provinces should stop the funding of abortion, and remove it from provincial health insurance plans.  Abortion is not a medical necessity and professional organizations which continue to promote this hypocrisy should have their right to exist questioned.