Do Not Proceed

On May 22, Parliament will once again discuss the crime of abortion.  This new debate will come 21 years after the original one concluded with the passing of Omnibus Bill C-150 on May 14, 1969.  The Toronto Globe and Mail called that moment “a great day for Canada” and thanked Pierre Trudeau for settling the issue.  It never occurred to the editorial writer that legalizing deliberate acts of violence against human life never settles anything; on the contrary, it is bound to make things worse.

Twenty-one years of debate and acrimony have passed; twenty-one years during which a million-and-a-half newly conceived human beings – ranging from a few weeks to 28 or 30 weeks – have had their lives extinguished.  The brutality and hardness of heart is mind-boggling, indeed escapes human perception.  But it won’t escape God’s notice or His vengeance.

Today, another Prime Minister proposes to re-legalize the killing of the unborn.  After 21 years, some people still to not know the difference, on the one hand, abortions done in a state of lawlessness and, on the other, abortions done under the pretensions of law and order, with the full approval of the country’s highest legislative body.

Abortions are acts of violence.  Each act of violence corrupts the person who commits it.  In the case of abortion, it also kills the victim.

To legalize such acts of violence is a further and even more heinous crime.  First, it also corrupts the law, the principal instrument of the state for peace and good order.  Second, because abortion is a capital crime directly opposed to God’s commandment, its formal approval by a nation amounts to nothing less than blasphemy, an arrogant rejection and taunting of God Himself.

In view of the above we fail to understand how anyone except die-hard feminists and secularists could vote for an un-amended Bill C-43.  Certainly no religious minded MP may vote for it.  Christian MPs who do so excommunicate themselves from their faith communities.

We appeal to all MPs to reject an un-amended Bill C-43.