The recent Ontario election can be summed up as having a “bad news, good news” result.

First, the bad news.  Despite the valiant efforts of pro-life activists, the Liberals were elected with a massive majority.  Why?  We think there are two main reasons.

In part, the vote reflected the general mood of disgust with the federal conservatives: Ontario sent a loud message to Prime Minister Mulroney.  But, more important, it showed that Christian voters especially are still unprepared to think through what it means to be “pro-life.”  Christians have a special responsibility when it comes to exercising their franchise and yet, once again, this latest election has demonstrated that many are unwilling to face this obligation.

The leaders of the three old parties have embraced the anti-life, anti-family philosophy for years.  The Interim has explained this time and time again.  We have published numerous factual reports proving it.  Yet it is clear that many are not being reach through educational efforts and it is equally clear that many who do read the material refuse to act on the information given.

Pro-lifers who voted Liberal would be well advised to refer to the Campaign Life Coalition advertisement in our last issue and ask themselves the question CLC president Jim Hughes asked, “Do I have blood on my hands?”

Now for the good news.  The number obtained by Family Coalition Party candidates show that over 48,000 Ontario citizens have begun to understand what it means to be pro-life.  That number could well have been many more if the new party had had more time to organize more candidates before the election was called.  Well done, FCP!

Ontario pro-lifers face a challenging four years.  If the Peterson government keeps its earlier commitment to widen abortion “access” across the province, many more babies will die.  Liberal MPPs must be educated in the issue and reminded that they can no longer blame the NDP for their anti-family, anti-life legislation.  More pro-lifers must realize that their vote is crucial to the unborn and that they must sacrifice personal party preference in order to save lives.

We ask all our readers to help us increase our circulation to widen our educational effort so that the pro-life vote will increase in future elections.  And we urge all Ontario pro-lifers to continue to support and work for the Family Coalition Party, the one party that supports the unborn.