Almost a hundred years ago in an Encyclical letter to the American bishops, in 1895, Pope Leo XIII wrote a glowing tribute to the American people.  In it he praised “the great Washington.”  He recalled that President’s statement that religion and morality are indispensable for democracy’s survival.  Added Pole Leo:

“And not without cause, for without morality the State cannot endure…But the best and strongest support of morality is religion.  She, by her very nature, guards and defends all the principles on which duties are founded, and setting before us the motives most powerful to influence us, commands us to live virtuously and forbid us to transgress.”

Today, Canadians are face to face with a secularism of diabolical origin in both state and church.  In the church it denies morality and in the state, religion.  It has set three traps.

The first is that of spreading the idea that it has already succeeded in conquering the world; that everyone of any note accepts it; and that no other course of action is possible in a pluralistic society.  It gives the impression in politics, law, medicine and education that there is nothing and that is useless to make any kind of effort to lead humanity along the road of return to God and to good.

The second is that of having sown the seeds of destruction within Protestant denominations and even of placing the Catholic Church in a state of grave difficulty, shaking her to her foundations by the winds of contestation, of division, of infidelity and of apostasy.  People everywhere are losing courage as they see how numerous today are those pastors who are allowing themselves to be deceived.

The third is that of spreading everywhere through television, radio, films, videos, magazines and newspapers the works of destruction and death.  Impurity is exalted; perversions are encouraged; corruption and violence are spreading; divisions are multiplying, while public trust and respect are declining precipitously.

The Interim will have more to say about these matters in future issues.

Meanwhile, to fight and conquer this darkness we must have recourse to prayer and to Him who was born in Bethlehem.  Though He was born under the veil of poverty, eyes enlightened by faith will discover in Him the Mystery of God:

“I bring you good news of a great joy…for to you is born…a Savior”   Lk. 2:10-11

Salvation comes only through Christ and His redemptive power.  Christians and all men of good will must turn back the secular tide by re-affirming their commitment to God and to His Commandments.