If any one issue ought to defeat the Ontario Liberals at the next provincial election it should be their wimpish handling of Toronto’s freestanding abortion clinics.

Abortionist Robert Scott has made it perfectly clear in public interviews that he is opening his own abortuary, confident that he will be able to continue killing while “the case is in the courts.” He can expect to be protected by the law while he breaks the law just as his mentor Morgentaler is doing. A trial, he noted, will be “a waste of taxpayers’ money.” No doubt he intends to use the same jury manipulation techniques that he and Morgentaler have used so successfully in the past.

Ontario pro-lifers are not satisfied with the Attorney General’s announcement that he will lay charges “if there is sufficient evidence.” This is false. There is “evidence of intent to commit a crime” – and plenty of it: operating tables. Suction equipment and garburators are being delivered and installed; newspaper ads hire nurses and counsellors “with a sense of humour” for a new freestanding abortion clinic have bee published. How many babies will be killed before there is “sufficient evidence” to prod the Attorney General into action?

The argument over freestanding abortuaries is not a pro-life versus pro-abortion one. It’s still abortionists versus the law: a group of people determined to change the law by repeatedly breaking it. The expedient political lie that “nothing can be done while the case is before the courts: is merely an attempt to divert and confuse a jaded public already bored with the whole business. By now, we all know the government can demand a bail review.

Abortionist Scott must be charged and bail conditions must be applied to close his abortuary. Abortionist Nikki Colodny, now working for Morgentaler on Harbord Street, must similarly be charged and bail conditions applied. However, Colodny remains free of charges to date, and no explanations are offered. The government must be made to enforce the law and stop deceiving the public.

It is small wonder that decent, law-abiding Canadians are increasingly cynical about governments who promise one thing when campaigning and renege when elected. From British Columbia (the Christian Heritage Party) to the Maritimes (Christian Political Alliance) seven or eight new parties are being formed. They are attracting thousands of supporters across the country. In Ontario, there’s more and more discussion on a new party.

Premier David Peterson has chosen to ignore consequences of failing to uphold the law. Like it or not the law is the law and this manipulation of rights violates our fundamental principles of justice. Laws are changed through the political process as Premier Peterson should be well aware. This wimpish attitude ought to upset many people. But has it? Are pro-lifers themselves wimpish? We should be ready to reject long-standing party affiliations in order to begin serving truth. We can do no less.