Nobody Dare Protest

The self-proclaimed “party of the people” is at it again.  You have to hand it to the hard-working representatives at Ontario’s Queen’s Park.  Francis Lankin, not content with fouling up the Ministry of Health, has decided to move on to the portfolio of Public Order, Censorship and Thought Control.  Lankin has vowed to act quickly on Dec. 18 report recommending a province-wide gag on pro-life freedom of speech and calling for even more abortions, especially for poor, minority and disadvantaged women.

Death Count Reaches Eight

“He’s more like a serial killer than a physician,” says Professor George Annas, of the Boston University’s school of medicine, referring to “Dr.” Jack Kevorkian.  Dr. Death put two more notches in his belt Dec. 15 when his seventh and eighth victims died at their home in Auburn Hills Michigan.  Since all his victims have been women it should be only a matter of time before the American feminist movement considers getting involved.  After all, it’s one thing to be murderer and quite another to be a misogynist.

A Dying Cause

The Right to Die Society is one heartbeat away from extinction.  In his decision Dec. 29, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Allen Melvin denied Sue Rodriguez the right to a physician’s help to kill herself.  He said assisted suicide is not sanctioned by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Betty Green, a director of the Pro-Life Society of B.C., said her group will seek intervenor status when the appeal goes ahead Feb.15.  If John Hofsess really believes in mercy killing and not prolonging the agony, maybe it is time for him to throw in the towel.

Catholic Insight’s First Issue

The much anticipated first issue of Catholic Insight hit the stands in January. Editor Fr. Alphonse DeValk has vowed to bring the same determination, hard work and integrity to the Catholic Insight as he did during his stay as Interim editor.  He has vowed to make this hard-hitting journal a thorn in the sides of foes of the Catholic Church both from inside and outside its ranks.

Taking The Parent Out Of Parenting

B.C. Parents are waking up to the repurcussions of their province’s infants Act.  Under the new legislation which came into effect Jan.1, children under the age of 19 can agree to any medical procedure independent of their parents wishes.  This means children can

now agree to anything from abortions to cosmetic surgery.  The legislation has received royal assent and concerned parents will have to wait until a new government takes over the NDP before they try to change the legislation.

Kormos Pickets Kormos?

Former cabinet minister/Sunshine Boy Peter Kormos picked up a sign and joined pro-lifers in pickketing the Ontario NDP party at his constituency office in Welland.  It was one of the many pickets that occurred outside NDP riding offices on January 9.  The event received media attention in small towns due to the great turnout across the province.

Is There A Doctor In The House?

On January 16, pro-life doctors from across southern Ontario met with one of Canada’s leading obstetricians, Dr. Bob Walley.  The purpose of their downtown Toronto meeting was to discuss the feasibility of a Toronto pro-life maternal health care centre. The proposed centre is a response to the decrease in quality and availability of motherhood services in Toronto.