There has always been the tendency, amongst pro-lifers, to underestimate their own achievements.  When this happens, the door is thrown wide open, allowing pessimism and a sense of defeat to come galloping in.

The time is long overdue for us to look back at our efforts and say “By the grace of God, we did make a difference.”

During the past year, Campaign Life Coalition wrote and presented two masterful briefs to the Federal Government.  Both of these briefs will serve to remind future generations that in the year 1990, Campaign Life Coalition, together with other truly pro-life organizations took a moral and rational stand.

In the first brief to the Parliamentary Committee on Bill C-43, we never wavered in our total rejection of any legislation which attempts to proclaim that killing is acceptable.

Our second brief on New Reproductive Technologies, served to issue a grim warning of the consequences of human manipulation of the born and pre-born.  In addition, the brief made several firm recommendations designed to protect human life at all stages and rescue the human race fro ma course of evil insanity.

Through the efforts of Campaign Life Coalition members fighting in the front lines of the hard core political battle, abortion was made an election issue during the Liberal Leadership race when Liberals for Life made an impact which will never be forgotten.

Similarly, during the Ontario election abortion was once again a front burner issue, when Campaign Life Coalition publicly endorsed the Family Coalition Party as the only party pro-lifers could support with a clear conscience, because it was the only party to offer protection for the pre-born child.

Campaign Life Coalition members, through their involvement in Rescue and counseling have lovingly saved several babies from certain death and their mothers from physical abuse and years of unrelenting guilt.

Our people never forgot those mothers already scarred by abortion and became involved in the healing process of Post Abortion Syndrome just as they tried to rescue abortionists from the violence which is the essential nature of abortion.

We reached out to politicians by communicating with them through our lobbyists in Ottawa and our members in their home ridings.

Campaign Life Coalition offered support and encouragement to the clergy of all faiths through the clergy luncheons and by regular communication in a spirit of friendship and understanding.

Although our ultimate goal must be obtained through the political process, we never forgot the need to educate.  We circulated millions of pieces of educational material such as the famous black pamphlet “Would it be alright…?”, the red one telling what Campaign Life Coalition is all about, the Kill the Bill flyers, the Bill C-43 Brief pamphlets and Vitality.

In our educational work we provided speakers for hundreds of presentations to schools and service groups.  We organized conferences on regional, provincial and national levels including our co-sponsorship with Alliance for Life, Physicians for Life and the International Right to Life Federation of the 1990 Conference in Ottawa.

We have tried, with some measure of success, to educate the media by giving scores of interviews and responding, firmly and professionally, to every situation.

The general public was not overlooked when we implemented Project Life and stood, at busy Toronto intersections, silently holding posters exhorting passers by to contemplate the human nature of the pre-born child.

Being a prayerful people, we never forgot to pray at vigils outside of prisons, at meetings, and prayer marches.

We laughed and we cried together.  We honored our own.  We wept when our own went to jail for saving babies.  We made it easy for others to say, “See how they love one another.”

God never called us to be outwardly successful.  He called us to be faithful – to try.  We weren’t so bad – in fact, we were quite good – let’s face it, with the help of God, we were great.

We were successful this past year.  If we remain on God’s side we will be successful for years to come.