Our new coast-to-coast, pro-life newspaper will inform you of the many successes and fewer (hopefully) failures in the day to day battle to protect unborn babies.

The philosophy of this monthly will always be one of no compromise on abortion. A human life, from the moment of conception represents an individual, precious gift from God.

The Latin motto Semper Fidelis appears to us an appropriate description of the efforts we have been cared to provide.

In the interim, until the law is changed to protect a human life, we will be here, always faithful, to champion the rights of those whose voices cannot be heard.

We will continue our efforts to educate the pubic and lobby the politicians while supporting the lonely and distressed.

In the face of a media hostile to the pro-life cause, our responsibility becomes even broader. The favorable response to Morgentaler and his associates by the press, borders on the hysterical. The manipulation of the media by the pro-abortionists has been masterful.

To combat the pro-abortion bias of the media, Campaign Life (Canada) produced 3 television commercials last week. These pro-life ads will be aimed at the Golden Horseshoe (Oshawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Falls) in Southern Ontario on CHCH TV (Hamilton) and in Winnipeg Manitoba on CKY TV.

For two weeks, commencing March 7th, 1983, these 30 second commercials featuring Dr. Bernard Nathanson, will be shown in each market.

Recently, at a Toronto press conference, organized by the Physicians for Life, Dr. Nathanson challenged the press to report on the advances made in the study of the child in the womb. He also predicted that historians will judge harshly this society for its use of abortion.

However, our society will not have to stand before a higher authority to answer these charges … we will … individually.

In any political campaign, abortion is a disqualifying issue. Politicians and would-be politicians who advocate the right to choose to kill must be defeated. Whether the candidates who you support are running for Parliament or even for the local library board, do not elect them if they refuse to take a stand for life.

This newspaper will provide information on natural family planning, as well as adoption, pregnancy counseling and post-abortion counseling, alternatives for pregnant women.

So friends, we are here with you, reporting the efforts of the pro-life groups across Canada seeking protection for the unborn and offering encouragement to you to keep up the fight.

We may not be successful at all times, but rest easy; we will be, always faithful!