Review by Pat Hansard
The Interim

Every woman who has given birth has a story to tell. When a woman has an abortion, she also has a story, but it’s likely she will never tell anyone. For those who have been touched by abortion, telling the story is one of many healing steps on the road to recovery. They stand in the gap as advocates for those who have sacrificed their children on various altars and cannot find their way back to life.

In her first book, Forgiven of Murder, A True Story, Denise Mountenay of Morinville, Alberta shares traumatic life events, from losing her home in a fire, to the suicidal death of a friend, to being raped at 13. She became self destructive and felt worthless but had to deal with the resulting pregnancy. Abortion was offered as the solution. She agreed.

Her rape and the abortion of that child set her on a precarious path between being the little girl she was and the experiences she had that forced her to be a woman. She was caught in the space between the safety and love of her father and mother and the struggle to be a worthwhile human being in the face of lost self-esteem.

Alcohol, promiscuous behaviour and two more abortions caught her in a cycle of shame that she could never escape. In the desert of this destruction, the Lord found Denise, ready and waiting for rescue.

These events, as painful as they are to imagine, are harder to read and were ever so much more painful to live. Anyone who has ever wanted to make a new beginning will understand the desire of Denise’s heart. Reality says, “Your life will never get any better.” Hope says, “Anyone can change.” Faith makes it possible.

A sincere desire to save other women from the devastation of abortion has led Denise to share her story on the speaker’s circuit. She is particularly effective with young people who are touched by her honesty and openness.

Forgive of Murder deserves to be read.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale each book is donated to the work of Abortion Recovery Canada – helping to restore lives touched by abortion. If you would like to reserve Denise as a speaker for your next event call toll free 1-877-930-7802.