Gary Hellard, a pastor from Saskatchewan, addressed approximately 150 delegates on the topic of “Post Sexual Syndrome.”  After working with and observing young people for several years, he noticed that young people of both sexes who were sexually active exhibited several negative behavioural characteristics.  Most notable were depression, anger and obsession with sex.

He further noted that teenaged couples who were sexually active have a greater tendency to argue, avoid commitment and have poor communication skills.

Post-Sexual syndrome can be avoided by introducing programs into schools which stress the importance and benefits of chastity.  The young people in attendance agreed unanimously with this philosophy.

“When teens are taught the tremendous advantages of remaining chaste and saving sex until marriage, they overwhelmingly reject the ‘safe sex’ mentality.  However, when teens are brainwashed with the Planned Parenthood mentality of unbridled sexual expression, thee results are disastrous,” commented Greg McNeely, the Ontario representative for the Canadian Youth Pro-Life Organization (CYPLO).