Douglas Scott, Vice President for public policy of the Christian Action Council, based in the Washington, D.C. area, gave an informative lecture on the history of Planned Parenthood from its inception to the present day.

Mr. Scott began with a detailed biography of the organization’s infamous founder, Margaret Sanger.  Sanger, a leading eugenicist in her day, wanted a pure society, achieved through birth control.  To this day, the speaker stated, Planned Parenthood has never disputed her claims and her grandson, the new president of the New York chapter, says he’s there to finish off what she started.

Mr. Scott spoke of the success his organization has had in curtailing some of the funding this pro-abortion agency has obtained from the private sector.  AT&T, a major telephone company, is one of the fifteen major corporations which no longer fund Planned Parenthood due to the efforts of some pro-life lobbyists.

He spoke of the need to continue this work, stressing that as individual pro-lifers we have a role to play in making a sacrifice on behalf of our preborn brothers and sisters.  This includes boycotting companies which continue to finance Planned Parenthood.

This fight with Planned Parenthood is being extended to the legal arena.  A large percentage of this group’s funding is through government agencies.

A court challenge is under way to decide whether or not it should receive continued funding from this source.  The speaker stated that North America’s largest pro-abortion agency will not give up fighting easily, as its very existence would be at stake.  The success f these legal disputes would be felt in Canada as well.

Mr. Scott spoke of the responsibility to stand up as Christians.  He feels that too many Christians have been duped into believing that as Christians they are not allowed to impose their views on society, whereas the secular humanists have felt no need to impose restrictions on speaking openly about their agenda.  As a result, society has suffered as a whole.

This led to his final point that we, as pro-lifers, have to take a closer  look at what is going on in our schools.  Planned Parenthood, under the guise of acceptable sex education, has infiltrated schools with its filthy agenda which undermines parental control.

Douglas Scott is optimistic but sees the major battle emerging in the near future.