The U.S. media has run yet another in a long line of pro-abortion polemics. This time it was Abortion Denied: Shattering Young Women’s Lives, a half-hour pseudo-documentary, produced by the Feminist majority organization. It was aired December 7, on Ted Turner’s Atlanta-based TBS Cable Network.

The program is a hysterical attack on ‘parental consent laws,’ and the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that ruled them constitutional. It s 26 minutes of propaganda, half-truths, emotional manipulation and outright lies.

Even Howard Rosenberg, the media critic for the pro-abortion Los Angeles Times, reluctantly conceded that Abortion Denied is “a relentlessly one-sided program, hermetically sealed off from alternative points of view.”

No reciprocity

Rosenberg pointed out that if TBS and other TV outlets insist on running such blatant pro-abortion propaganda, simple fairness would require giving the other side equal time to rebut – for example, by running the excellent pro-life film Eclipse of Reason, featuring the former abortionist turned pro-life crusader, Dr. Bernard Nathanson. But the networks all refuse.

Adoption ridiculed

Abortion Denied is so relentlessly pro-abortion it even ridicules the entire concept of adoption, insisting that most babies are unwanted and go unclaimed.

Only the handful of ‘white babies,’ the film claims, are wanted; the rest end up being cared for in vast state-run baby warehouses similar to those of the late Nikolai Ceaucescu’s Romania. The film then shows photographs of starving children languishing in Nazi-like barracks, implying that, were it not for abortion, this is what would happen in America.

This mendacious nonsense sparked a furious response from the National Committee for Adoption, an organization that is neutral on the abortion issue.

The abortion film tried to say that only ‘healthy white babies’ are wanted, and that the rest – children of ethnic minority groups and those with physical or mental disabilities – are ‘hard to place, and become wards of the state.’

According to the Committee, this is an outright lie.

There are only 36,000 children in the entire United States, the Committee’s data shows, that fall into the category of ‘hard to place’ – and these are mostly older children, or groups of siblings, or in a few cases, children with extreme disabilities.

A racist film

The idea that race alone is an impediment for adoption is a piece of propaganda that only exposes further the deeply-rooted racism of the entire Planned Parenthood mentality. “More children from the fit, less from the unfit’ was PP foundress Margaret Sanger’s motto – and of the abortion movement.

According to the National Committee for Adoption ‘infants who are legally free for adoption, regardless of their race or ethnicity, do not wait for homes. In fact, there is a waiting list of screened families who want to adopt seriously disabled newborns, including babies born with Down’s Syndrome and spina bifida.

While as many as two million families in the U.S. may be waiting to adopt children, only 60,000 children were adopted in 1986, the last year for which we have statistics. Of those 60,000 children, at least one-third were ‘hard to place’ children with significant health problems, including babies testing positive for the HIV virus. For this reason, desperate families search outside the U.S., in Mexico and Korea, for babies to adopt, to such a degree that Korea may now ban the practice.

Media executives like Ted Turner are helping to spread the racist lie that Americans do not want to adopt ‘minority’ children and that therefore, we need to have 1.5 million abortions a year in the U.S.

They make sure that any alternative point of view is not allowed to be aired on their networks.

So much for free speech in America!

Robert J. Hutchinson is a freelance writer and columnist who writes frequently on pro-life topics. He lives in Southern California.