The Editorial

Ontario 1980-1982

According to provincial government statistics, over 90,000 reported abortions were performed in Ontario hospitals during the years 1980-82 (the figures for 1983 are not yet available).

Knowing the number of abortions performed at each of these hospitals brings the abortion problem closer to home.  No longer can anyone in Ontario imagine that unborn babies are being killed in some remote location.  Their lies are being destroyed in your own community hospitals.

In 1969 the federal government changed the law to permit abortions in those exceptional circumstances, when by the opinion of a hospital Therapeutic Abortion Committee, the pregnancy may endanger the mother’s life or health.

In light of the revealing statistics we might ask:

  • How many abortions do they want in Ontario?
  • Are Ontario women caught up in a pandemic?
  • Have there been over 90,000 sick and pregnant women in the past 3 years?
  • Should the Health Minister declare a medical emergency?
  • Should the Health Minister immediately examine the state of health of Ontario women?

We know too well that abortions are being performed for the sake of convenience.  Because of medical advances, today in 1984, there is no need whatsoever for an abortion for medical reasons.  But there is a great human and social need to end the killing completely.