As pro-lifers, we sometimes forget the real emotional pain suffered by women who have had an abortion.  In our genuine concern for the fate of the unborn child, we often forget to reach out with compassion to those women who have taken the wrong road.

Many of those who counsel women in crisis pregnancies generally hold the view that abortion is an easy solution to the problem.  They often gloss the view that abortion that are available, and seldom tell these women that there are real emotional and physical after-effects of abortion.

Indeed, for the most part, many counselors are unaware of the growing evidence and documentation of these problems.  On the other hand, some counselors feel that it is better for the woman to remain ignorant of these complications, as they may not surface for many years, or ever, they suppose.

Most of us have never imagined abortion as a solution to a crisis pregnancy.  But many of us do know women who have had an abortion and who are suffering.

There is help available.

I’ve Had an Abortion is an organization started by Tanya Hughson in Calgary.  The address is 524 Queen Alexandra Way South East, Calgary, Alberta T2J 4C8.  Tel. (403) 278-2728.

Women Exploited by Abortion id an American association.  For information contact Nancy Jo Mann, president, WEBA, 1553 24th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50311.

Birthright, whose list of centers is printed elsewhere in this issue of The Interim, is well-known for its pro-life counseling for pregnant women.  Birthright centers also offer loving sympathy and compassion for women who’ve had an abortion.

Many women suffer alone because their sense of shame, guilt, or fear of criticism makes them unable to confide their emotional problems, especially if they know you are pro-life.  Many women suffering the after-effects of abortion are unaware that their problems are related to the abortion, since they were not warned of this possibility at the time of the operation.

We will not cease our efforts to eradicate the evil of abortion.  At the same time, we should make effort to reach out and nurture the women whose lives will again be completely whole.