On January 29, 1985, Member of Parliament Bill Gottselig (Moose Jaw) condemned in Parliament the misuse of public funds by the National Film Board to promote pro-abortion views in the film “Abortion: Stories North and South.” He said it was outrageous that the National Film Board provide funds “to pro-abortionist Gail Singer to present her one-sided view of this matter, which she had the audacity to call enlightening.”




For months pro-lifers throughout Canada have been sending this same message to Ottawa, and it was, therefore with shock and outrage that members of St. Gabriel’s R.C Church in Toronto heard that this pro-abortion propaganda was to be shown in their parish hall. Even worse was the fact that arrangements were made by the team of women in charge of the pre-baptism and pre-marriage courses. One of these women said, “We have to show both sides.” How many sides of the abortion question does the Church have?


Active pro-lifers set about countering the arrangements by phoning their friends, who in turn phone the parish priest. Once he knew the message of the film he cancelled the showing immediately.                                                                                WP