Not to be a grinch at this festive time of year, but an item in some southern Ontario newspapers in late November was cause for concern.

The item referred to police warning to abortion-providers to be extra vigilant against possible attacks, presumably from those opposed to abortion.

The occasion for the warning was the first anniversary of the wounding of an abortionist in his home in Ancaster Ontario. In November, 1994, another abortionist, Garson Romalis, was wounded by an unknown assailant in his home in Vancouver area.

While both cases remain unsolved, they continue to provide fodder for abortion supporters who relish the depiction of pro-lifers as violence-prone fanatics.

Let us again take into this opportunity to reiterate our position that as defenders of all human life, pro-lifers reject to achieve their aims. Perhaps the pro-life Christmas wish list could include a touch of fairness from the mainstream media. We would ask that in the absence of any evidence, the entire pro-life movement not be found guilty every time some misguided individual commits a violent act against an abortion provider.