How do you spell chicken?

I’m an eternal optimist – that is, when I keep my eyes fixed on eternal things. But there are indeed times when the sun breaks forth through the clouds and reveals the victory before us.

This is such a time.

A group of British Columbia University students who just happen to be pro-life, carefully planned a “pro-life” event at their institution of higher learning. That event was to include a debate with the so-called “pro-choice” movement.

There is no doubt that the leading “pro-choice” group in British Columbia is the NDP government-funded Pro-Choice Action Network. Based in Vancouver, the 300-member strong group is a force to be reckoned with. It’s huge membership base constantly dictates pro-abortion policy, which the NDP government eagerly laps up and follows without hesitation.

The leader of this group, Joyce Arthur, was asked to debate Scott Klusendorf. Scott is fast becoming well-known in pro-life and pro-abortion circles as a top-notch debater.

The policy of the advocates for choice is no dialogue and no debate. In fact, judging from the failure of the student pro-life group, the policy of the entire British Columbia “pro-choice” movement is no dialogue and no debate.

These advocates for choice, who don’t hesitate to speak to any group, whether it’s the law students at UBC or secretly with B.C.’s attorney-general, don’t have the courage of their convictions to debate the abortion issue.

Now why do you suppose that is?

You will remember my mentioning last year of a radio program where a rep from the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League stated how terrible referendums on abortion-related issues are. It is has become painfully obvious that this is the new face of Canada’s “pro-choice” movement.

They will not allow any member of the public to hear the pro-life claims in a debate, because they fear that students – and the trend is already there – will “choose” the pro-life position.

They will not allow any member of the public to vote on issues such as abortion funding, because they fear that the public will “choose” to defund abortion.

They will not allow medical staff such as doctors, nurses and even pharmacists to follow their conscience and opt out of assisting with abortion, because they know that thousands will “choose” not to participate.

They will not allow women to view information on fetal development before the abortion, because they fear women will “choose” not to have the abortion.

Such is the face of “choice” in Canada.

You see, deep down inside, the pro-choice movement in Canada believes in ONE choice. That’s why they work so hard in taking away the choices of people who oppose them.

They are scared. There is no nice way to say it. Their pro-abortion position is on such shaky ground, they fear defending what they really believe. They have such contempt for the intellect of Canadians, they will not explain what they believe.