Eliminating the unwanted via IVF testing of embryos
Ontario Catholic university honours Trudeau
Pro-life MP to jump to Saskatoon city politics
Kelowna mother scheduled for abortion against her will
Vancouver editorial on Bill C-13 and the abortion issue

Eliminating the unwanted

OTTAWA – The Victoria Times Colonist reports that there is a growing demand for pre implantation genetic diagnosis, which the paper says “is similar to standard prenatal testing, but with one huge difference – the testing for abnormalities is done before a woman is even pregnant.” Canadian fertility clinics utilize PGD following an in-vitro fertilization procedure. The embryos, created in a lab, undergo screening to determine which ones should be implanted in a woman’s uterus.PGD is used to detect – and prevent – more than 100 genetic conditions including Down’s syndrome, Huntington disease, hemophilia and cystic fibrosis. Advocates of the process say it reduces the need for abortions once a pregnancy begins. Critics of the process say it paves the way for “designer babies” and is eugenic in philosophy and practice. Bill C-13, the government’s reproductive and experimental technologies legislation, regulates PGD by requiring anyone using such diagnostic technologies to have a licence and be subject to regulations that have yet to be developed.

Catholic university honours Trudeau

WATERLOO, Ont. – St. Jerome’s Catholic University will honor the prime minister who passed the 1969 legislation that allowed for abortion-on-demand in Canada, with a May 9-10 conference on “The Hidden Pierre Trudeau: A Conference About His Spirituality, His Faith, His Life, His Times.” Keynote speakers at the event include Trudeau’s justice minister John Turner. LifeSite News reports that, “Trudeau’s controversial stands on sexuality, including the legalization of contraception, homosexuality and abortion, and the liberalization of divorce laws, came with his well-known phrase, ‘The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.'” At the St. Jerome’s event, one session will be entitled, “Trudeau and the Bedrooms of the Nation.” Fr. Alphonse de Valk, editor of Catholic Insight magazine, said that Trudeau’s legacy is the abortion holocaust: “The greatest decisive feature of the man’s life, and that of John Turner, is the legalization of abortion and the resulting death of three million Canadian children to date.”

Pro-life MP to jump to city politics

SASKATOON – The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix reports that pro-life MP Jim Pankiw (Independent, Saskatoon-Humboldt) may seek to become the city’s next mayor rather than endure an uphill fight to be re-elected. He left the Canadian Alliance during the party’s infighting in 2001 over Stockwell Day’s leadership and he later feuded with Stephen Harper. Pankiw flirted with joining the Progressive Conservatives, but was never able to reach an agreement on joining the party.

Mother scheduled for abortion against her will

KELOWNA, B.C. – The Kelowna Capital News reports that Karen Martin, mother of three month-old Luke, has filed a complaint with both the Kelowna General Hospital and the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons, alleging that she was scheduled for an abortion without her consent. Martin says she told nurses she did not want an abortion, but they tried to talk her into it because she suffers from pericarditis, an inflammation of the lining of her heart. When hospitalized for the condition last June, Martin says a cardiologist examined her and then scheduled a dissection and curettage abortion without her consent. “He came in and basically didn’t ask me anything, just told me what he was going to do. He asked me if it was a planned pregnancy and I said no, but it didn’t matter.” Martin says the medical staff only backed down after she disagreed vehemently. “I didn’t feel like I had a choice before me,” she said. If the allegations are proven to be true, disciplinary action could range from a letter of reprimand to removal of offenders’ hospital privileges.

Bill C-13 and the abortion issue

VANCOUVER – A Vancouver Sun editorial called the federal government’s Bill C-13, An Act Respecting Assisted Reproduction, “an incoherent piece of legislation” because it permits “experimentation on existing embryos,” thus recognizing that in Canadian law “embryos are not legal persons and therefore have no rights.” Yet, C-13 purports to ban human cloning, which “suggests that the embryo is deserving of some protection, even if it’s merely protection from being created.” The editorial continues: “If the ban stands, then Parliament might well have to do that which it most dreads: revisit the abortion issue.” The implication of the editorial is that it is hypocritical to be concerned about the status of early embryonic and fetal human life vis-a-vis human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, while there is no law even regulating abortion.