“You know I’m against abortion,” said Brian Mulroney a few months ago. But Brian has indicated that he supports the current hospital committee system and accepts abortion in cases of rape or incest. Other politicians are firmly against abortion, but not in cases of physical deformity or severe mental retardation. David Crombie feels that he is pro-life, but states that setting the conditions for abortion is a “community decision.” In other words, the murder of these or those unborn children should be a “community decision.” These are some examples of the “against abortion…but…” syndrome that seriously weakens the pro-life movement.

Let me give some more examples of. Jake Epp is a wonderfully outspoken foe of abortion, but he and other pro-life MPs voted in favour of  our constitution which does not protect the unborn. And there are many friends and relatives who have pro-life opinions but are disturbingly unreliable and even unresponsive when asked to do something for the movement.

Finally, we constantly hear from many politicians, columnists and persons in the street who say that they do not like abortion and do not feel that it should be used as a form of birth control. But, holding that opinion itself by itself does not even remotely classify one as pro-life since it will save no one nor affect anything in our current slide towards full scale abortion on demand.

“I’m against abortion…but…” is a deadly pro-life disease that is actually killing thousands of unborn children and now leading us towards increasing infanticide. It breeds weakness, compromise and poor convictions allowing pro-abortionists plenty of elbow room to propagandise and increase the rate of killings.

A genuine pro-life position that all human life, no matter its quality or state of development is inviolable and abortion is the killing of an innocent being. Therefore no abortion is acceptable and we cannot condone it in any way including by our silence or inaction. We have a serious obligation as members of the human race and especially as children of God to act on this matter.

A real pro-lifer is so pro-life that he or she has relatively little concern for personal comfort and security and is not only willing but proud to constantly risk that comfort and security and to experience ridicule and suffering in order to protect the unborn. With all due respect and gratitude to those who have at least done something, anything less than the above is not genuinely pro-life.

I challenge all those who have some sense of the sacredness of human life to totally eliminate all the “buts”, all the conditions from their various degrees of opposition to abortion. I challenge them to experience the freedom of a personally-held, totally pro-life philosophy which will not lessen their compassion for the pregnant mother or the raped, pregnant young girl, or the deformed or severely mentally-deficient newborn.

The challenge is to experience and to defend truth and to live for life instead of for oneself.

That’s pro-life.