Father Paul Marx, the energetic founder and director of Human Life International, spent the first week of February in southern Ontario, passing on to audiences in several cities his observations on world-wide anti-family policies.

He sees an inseparable connection between the widespread access to contraception and increased rates of abortion in the world. Father Marx stresses that there is not one exception in the 68 countries he has visited and studied. Today, he says, the most widespread form of “contraception” (more properly, “contragestation”) is abortion. This fact is even acknowledged by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, whose original campaign to promote contraception was conducted with many claims that this would reduce abortion.

Father Marx roundly condemns the birth control pill. The facts are in, he says, and all women using the pill are aborting from time to time because ovulation is not prevented, it causes hormonal changes in the uterine wall to reject the natural implantation process. “Why would you even take such a risk of abortion?” he asks.

International Planned Parenthood and other population control lobbying organizations exert enormous pressure on international monetary aid to developing countries, he charges. Their leaders are active in the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and have successfully influenced policy so that today monetary aid to developing countries is dependent on their adoption of contraceptive programmes, with a recent emphasis on compulsory sterilization.

He believes that the antidote to the population controllers is Natural Family Planning. Having taught literally thousands of couples, he says that “these methods are as effective at avoiding conception as anything short of sterilization, and he backs up his claims with World Health Organization studies which acknowledge the effectiveness of NFP.

The West is dying, Father Marx says. Canada’s average completed family size of 1.7 children, like so many other developed countries, is far below a required replacement level of 2.2. Quebec, along with West Germany, now has the lowest birth rate in the world – 1.2 children per family.

He is convinced that the practice of NFP and faithfulness in marriage, and chastity before, is the only hope for the West. We are a singularly unsexual, unloving and contracepting society, he says. He maintains that we have the necessary weapon, the truth, to reverse the trend and he travels the world speaking out for the family.