If Ontario Premier David Peterson’s Liberal government presses ahead with its proposed Independent Health Facilities Act, also known as Bill 147, the number of abortuaries could multiply across Ontario. But abortionist Henry Morgentaler, whose 20-year total of murdered preborn human beings approches 50,000 want abortuaries exempt from the penalties of the proposed law.

Under the provisions of Bill 147, the Health Minister may grant or refuse a licence to a doctor who wants legal permission to operate a community clinic. Once licensed, the Minister has the right to inspect the facility and to impose heavy fines for violations of the law.

During an August 21 public hearing of the Committee on Social Development at Queen’s Park, Morgentaler and Andrea Knight, executive director of his Toronto ‘clinic,’ brazenly demanded that abortion be designated a “necessary medical service” and that abortuaries not be fined for operating illegally – recommendations which, if written into the proposed law, would give the childkilling industry a permanent and untouchable status in Ontario.